How to Download and Install the Slack App for my Windows PC or Mac

In a work environment that is increasingly inclined towards the world of telematics, it is essential to use resources that allow various activities to be carried out from the internet. This is the case of Stack and for this reason we invite you to learn How to download and install the Slack App for my Windows PC or Mac

What is Slack?

Slack is a messaging platform or system composed of a workspace that is based on channels similar to the Twitter lists. In this sense, the members of an organization can share files and messages from its own channel in projects, branches of a company or any other sector of a company.

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With Slack it is possible have shared channels to extend communications between various companies. Although it is possible to share messages and files, the platform also facilitates the creation of private channels that are known only to the members of the organization that belong to those workspaces.

What is Slack for?

Slack is very useful in the business sector because it allows all members of a company to maintain a Constant comunication just as if they were carrying out their work in an office. Plus, it makes it easy to send attachments, share important links, and configure channels based on user preferences.

Thanks to Slack, it is possible to integrate various additional tools such as Facebook, Dropbox, install Skype, Twitter among others. In this way, members can share ideas, plan meetings, manage various projects and quickly access all the information required by the employees of any organization.

How to download and install the Slack App for my Windows PC or Mac

Real-time communication is possible to send encrypted messages from Facebook and other tools. The Slack app is one of them and for this reason it has been gaining greater popularity in the public, especially in the workplace where it is necessary to maintain constant communication to achieve the objectives.

If you are in an environment that requires the daily information management between different members, then you must learn to use Slack, as we explain below.

Download the Slack App on Windows

While it is true that Slack is compatible with Android, you probably want to use it on your PC. If you also have the operating system Windows 7 or higher versionthen it’s a good idea to go to the official Slack website. There you must press the “Download” button to start this process.

slack screen

Another alternative you have to download Slack on Windows is to go to the official Microsoft Store website. Both options are viable and will allow you to obtain an executable file that will be stored on your computer.

Install the Slack App on Windows

Check the file named “SlackSetup.exe” that was saved in the “Downloads” section. Double click on this installation package and the installation process will start automatically.

When the installation of the App is complete, click on the slack icon and start configuring the channels and other options offered by the platform.

Download the Slack App on Mac

For download the Slack app on Mac there are two options: the first is to access the App Store website. There you must locate the App and proceed to download it on your computer.

The second alternative is to access the Slack website where you will find the application you want to install on your computer. Press the “Download” button and wait a few seconds for the process to complete.

Install the Slack App on Mac

Locate the file you just downloaded on your computer. To do this, open the “Finder” folder and find the Slack.dmg file. Drag the App icon and place it in the “Applications” folder.

Finally, in order to open the Slack appYou must go to the “Applications” folder and double-click on the platform icon.

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