How to Download and Install the WiFi Network Driver for Windows 10?

Have you ever wondered what drives or controllers are and what are they for? In this regard, you may have internet connection problems if your WiFi network driver is out of date. If this is your case, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to download and install the WiFi network driver for Windows 10?

What is the WiFi controller?

The WiFi controller is a program that manages the wireless network device. This “driver” is easy to install and facilitates troubleshooting in the event that network access points need to be changed.

The WiFi controller makes the wireless network behave as a single point to which the network device connects, giving it a more static and practical character, especially in small networks.

What is the WiFi controller for?

The WiFi controller is for communicate to access points in a network each. It also controls the number of each access point, the transmission channel and the data traffic.

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How to download and install the WiFi network driver for Windows 10?

It is possible to update the WiFi network driver in Windows 10 in one of four ways: the control panel, the device manager, the manual update (from the official website) or with a tool to download drivers.

If you WiFi network controller is outdated or your wireless network device is faulty, we recommend that you follow the steps explained below.

Update the WiFi network driver from the control panel

Updating the drivers of your Windows PC is a very simple process. Indeed, if you want to carry out this task with the Wi-Fi network driver, open the Control Panel and select the “Networks and internet” section. There, you will find the option “Network and Sharing Center”.

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Choose the current connection, press the option “Properties” (to open a new window with the Ethernet and WiFi properties) and click on “Configure”. Then, choose the “Driver” tab and select “Update Driver.” In this way, the system will automatically download and install the WiFi network driver through the control panel.

Update the WiFi network driver using device manager

Another alternative to update the WiFi network driver is through the device administrator. To do this, press the “Win + X” keys and select “Device Manager.”

In “Device Manager,” click “Network Adapters” and select your wireless network card. Then, press right click on it and choose “Update the driver”. You will see a new window where you must choose the option “Search for automatically updated driver software”. The system will automatically download and install the driver.

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Update the WiFi network driver manually

Manual download and installation of the WiFi network driver is another viable option to update this driver. To achieve this, you must go to manufacturer’s official website of your wireless network card.

Later, locate the model of your adapter and click on the “Download” or “Download” button. Finally, run the installation file and wait while the system installs the driver on your PC. Once you do this, check if the network is working properly. If not, you can disable the wireless network connection adapter and reactivate it to regain access to the network.

Update the Wi-Fi network driver through a tool

If you want to download and install the WiFi network driver using a tool, you can use IObit Driver Booster. This tool is software that checks all the drivers that have been installed on the computer in order to suggest to the user the update of those drivers that require it.

Use IObit Driver Booster

To update your WiFi network driver with IObit Driver Booster you need to download the app from iobit official website. Then, run the file to install the program.

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Later, open the application and press the button “Analyze” for the tool to scan all drivers. Find the WiFi network driver and select “Update now.” The program takes care of getting the download package. Finally, choose “install” for the driver to update.

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