How to Download and Install Trello for PC Windows and Mac in Spanish? (Example)

Download and install Trello on your computer, sometimes can be much more advantageous than just open it in the browser. Since, you will be able to count on all the notifications and changes of your boards in real time.

In addition, you won’t have to keep the browser open, something that consumes too much physical memory on your PC. With the program installed, the use of resources will be much lower and you will be able to enjoy all its functionalities in the same way.

How to Download and Install Trello for Windows?

This task management platform is a tool that has become really popular, even with other competing tools such as Asana. Enjoying a prestige that has reached different platforms and operating systems.

Then now, Trello can be installed on OS like Windows, especially in version 10 of this software, the most used so far.

The process to obtain it from Microsoft is relatively simple, and if you have the operating system built into your PC, you only have to access the store. You can do it using the start menu or the search bar and enter the word “Store”.

Immediately, the application icon will be displayed before you, which you must select to enter the store. Where, consequently, you will press the icon on the right in the shape of a magnifying glass, and then write the name of the program “Trello”, the activity manager.

This will expose different results among which you will find the platform icon in the first position. Now you must select it and enter the download section, where you will see a button that says “Get”.

trello software compatibility

Next, you will see how a bar appears and begins to load from 0% to 100%. When this parameter is complete, it means that you have successfully downloaded and installed Trello on Windows.

Download Trello for use on Mac

It is essential that you know what this web tool is about, it is used to organize your tasks and activities, it is also available for the Apple platform. In this sense, you can download and install Trello for desktop from any Mac computer or laptop model.

To do this, you simply have to enter the respective store of this brand, which is called “App Store”. To which you can access using the search manager that the MacOS system has.

Once inside the Store, you will see a menu positioned at the top left, which you must press to display. In this same you will find the search bar, in which it will be necessary to place the name of the application.

This will yield a series of results among which the Trello will be positioned, represented, as always, with its respective blue icon. Pressing it will show a section for downloading the program, which it will be executed once you select the button for this action.

download trello from microsoft store

Thus, the Trello download process will begin, so you will only have to wait a couple of minutes until the computer has made the adjustments. And, once the necessary time is up, you can enjoy the application in all its splendor.

Other download alternatives

Being such a popular platform, you can download and install Trello on media other than MacOS or Windows computers. That said, it will be possible to get a Quite functional application on devices that have iOS or Android.

The principle to download and incorporate the program in any mobile medium or Tablet is through the respective stores. That is, you can find the official application in the Playstore in the case of Android, and for Apple, you will have the AppStore available.

Basically you just have to enter each of these instances, search for the app from the search engine of each one, entering the name “Trello”. And then just you must choose the appropriate result and press on the download action buttons.

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