How to Download and Install Valorant for PC in Spanish – Latest Version

Tactical shooting video games with team mode (Team Match) have advanced over the years, and every day a new installment appears on the market that manages to capture the attention of the gamer community. It is there where we remember that 10 years ago a franchise called Riot Games launched a delivery that caught many gamers League Of Legends Clash Of Fates.

This company, having achieved so much success with its MOBA game, which revolutionized the competitive landscape bringing with it world tournaments of said installment, chose to develop a game that revolutionized the industry and brought with it more users interested in their video games. That’s where it comes out the unexpected FPS game Valorant, which caught the attention of many users of the decade.

And as it was with its MOBA delivery from 10 years ago, it is completely free, that is why this delivery will teach you how download and install Valorant on your PC, and enjoy hours of games with friends.

What is Valorant?

It is a free FPS game developed and distributed by the Riot Games franchise exclusively for the Microsoft platform. Valorant is a game where the tactical strategy is your salvation, which is set in a high-tech future. The gamers assume the roles of agents, characters that have a series of skills and classes that will help you in the team battle.

hands running skill

This is carried out in a 5 vs 5 game where the team with the most kills performed is the winner, it also has a wide arsenal of weapons; from sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, pistols, assault rifles, submachine guns and many more. We cannot forget its level of realism in terms of weapon recoil, where the player must have greater control and precision when shooting.

Secondly, there is an FPS video game that has delighted the vast majority of users, without a doubt it is the excellent Overwatch. That is why we invite you to see more details about Overwatch. A delivery that could undoubtedly interest you.

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Steps to follow to download and install Valorant on PC

Currently Valorant is available worldwide, since its closed beta has concluded, it can be downloaded from the official Valorant website, and quickly obtained for free in a few simple steps.

  1. You must enter the official website and press the button play now which will ask you to create an account or start with an existing one.
  2. Once entered you will get the download option, you press the button and the installer download will start automatically.

Valorant installation

Once the file has been downloaded and saved in the folder of your preference, you just have to go to the path where the installer is located, run it as administrator and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen. On the other hand, this will bring with it the Riot Vanguard file, a software that blocks the traps that other players can make in the games. This you must run every time you start the game.

register to get value

Once the installation is complete, go to the system tray and the Riot Vanguard icon will appear, this by default will be activated whenever you turn on your computer ready to start the game, but you can configure it to activate or deactivate it whenever you want.

Now you just have to run Valorant as administrator and always keep Vanguard activated, and voila, you can enjoy hours of games with your friends online.

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