How to download and install WinDS PRO emulator on Windows 10

WinDS PRO exists to play on your PC. Game consoles are expensive, true, but if you have a good Windows 10 PC then you can download WinDS PRO emulator, software for running video games on an operating system other than the one on which it was designed to run. In other words, with an emulator you can play video game consoles on your PC, even if they weren’t designed for computers.

WinDS PRO was made to download and work on Windows XP. Current software is designed to run smoothly on 32 or 64 bit from Windows 7 and higher versions. If you were looking for a tutorial to install it on Windows 7, this will also help you.

internal WinDSPRO

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This software is capable of emulate practically all video game consoles that exist on the market, including very old consoles like Atari, Bandai, Coleco, Commodore, etc. If you want to know which consoles it emulates specifically, we invite you to visit the manufacturer’s blog

With this emulator you can play games such as the famous Pokemon Blanco 2, Super Mario in its various versions, etc.. To download the games, there are millions of pages that offer them and they are free.

Although not specified PC requirements for installation, you need to have at least the following:

  • An Intel Core i5-680 or higher processor with virtualization enabled in the BIOS.
  • Minimum 2GB RAM memory; at least 4GB is recommended.
  • Intel Graphics HD 5200 or better.
  • Hard disk space greater than 4GB.
  • HDD: SSD
  • Broadband Internet or alternatively a good Internet plan (this will depend on how you use it, since if you use it offline it will not affect you).
  • Have updated drivers.

Download and install WinDS PRO emulator

For download windows pro go to the manufacturer’s blog There you have the option “Download WinDS PRO”, where you can find a description of the emulated consoles and other important features, as well as the links for you to download the software to your PC, either “direct download” or from the Mediafire servers, MEGA or Dropbox.

For install WinDS PRO double click the downloaded file. Once the installer opens, there is a menu where you can choose the emulators you use frequently or install them all if you want. Once fully installed, the PC will ask for a reboot, which you must do.

WinDSPRO select consoles

Does WinDS Pro work on Android?

In previous versions it was available to download through Google Play. The current version does not have this option. But there is an emulator version WinDS PRO for Linux, which you must download depending on the Ubuntu you have installed.

The advantages that this emulator brings They are that it includes a save system for the games, it allows you to customize the commands and you can also use tricks and «cheats», to pass those levels that suddenly you could not pass before. Everything seems like an excellent option for enjoyment, we invite you to try it.


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