How to Download and Install Zoom in Spanish for PC or Mobile

This application called Zoom, is one of the video calling applications that today is at its highest point of popularity, as it is an application intended for user communication through screens, that is, its main purpose is make video calls.

This feature makes it an ideal application to be able to make use of work meetings, students or entertainment with friends, because in this way it is easy to give points of opinion to different people at the same time, especially in times of pandemics in which taking care of ourselves becomes a priority.

zoom conference

How much does it cost to download or use Zoom?

The Zoom application itself can be found in the official Google Play Store to download totally free on our deviceHowever, the same application within its options offers various plans and services which can be freely chosen by the user.

Zoom has different plans, but fortunately also has a completely free plan, in which it has the simplest and simplest features of the application, without subtracting its excellent performance, this free version has unlimited meetings lasting 40 minutes.

Apart from this free plan there are others that have costs and many functions which are called by names. Zoom pro, Zoom Business and Zoom Enterprise, their price increases according to the order in which we mention them.

How to download Zoom in Spanish for PC

Downloading the Zoom application is an action that can not only be done on your mobile device, but also has a version for computers, so that when you want to make a video conference, or start watching your virtual classes you can have a more comfortable experience with a larger screen. In order to install Zoom on your PC, follow these steps:

download zoom for pc

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Install Zoom

  1. Once your computer is turned on, you must make sure that it is connected to an internet network, either by wired or wireless.
  2. Once you are assured of the above, you must search the desktop for your browser of choice and open it.
  3. Already in your browser, you must go to the search bar, which is usually white and is at the top of the screen.
  4. There you must look for the official website of Zoom, so you must type “Zoom” and press search.
  5. Already on the website you must slide to the options that are at the bottom, among them are information, technical support and downloadyes, you must click on downloads.
  6. You must press on the first ‘to download’ which is blue, and the download will begin immediately.
  7. Once finished you just have to look for the downloaded file and press execute.
  8. At this point, the installation of the application will begin, which is semi-automatic, that is, you must press continue on some occasions.
  9. Finally press finish and voila you will have a shortcut on your desktop, which you must click to make use of this program.

Download and install Zoom free for Mac

The operating system of Mac computers tends to present certain complications when wanting to download an external application, however this does not mean that it is impossible to download the Zoom application on a Mac even though you can use it through the browser itself, it is more advisable to download and install it to have a faster and more fluid use. In order to download Zoom, follow these steps:

  • In order to download Zoom on your Mac, it is necessary that you first activate the permissions so that you can download applications from unknown sources. To do this, click on the Apple icon located in the top menu of the desktop.
  • Click on the option ‘System preferences’ and after that in ‘Security and Privacy’.
  • Then click on the lock icon located in the tab of ‘General’.
  • You will then be asked to enter the administrator password so that you can change the system settings.
  • After having entered the password you will have to check the box from App Store and identified developers inside the allow apps section.
  • Finally press on Let.
  • After that, look for the Zoom application to be able to download and install it on your Mac computer.
  • And ready! you will have the Zoom application installed and ready to be used.

How to download and install Zoom for Tablet

In order to download the Zoom application on your Tablet device, you can do so by searching for it directly from the official Google Play Store, or simply searching for it from the browser and installing it on your Tablet.

video conference

Zoom for cell phone

You can download the Zoom application on your mobile device in an easy and fast way, depending on the type of operating system that your mobile device handles, you can download it from the official store or from a browser, below we will show you how:

Zoom for Android

Devices with Android operating system usually allow you to download applications in two ways, from a browser, or directly from the official Google Play Store, so we will show you how to download zoom in both ways:

  1. As in computers, you must enter your browser and in the search bar write “Zoom”, after that you press search.
  2. You select the first option and once on the official website you go to “downloads“and you press there.
  3. In the downloads you must slide until you find the option “Android” in which you are going to press “download” and the download will start immediately.
  4. To install just go to downloads and run the downloaded program.
  5. A window will open where you will be asked for permission to install said app of unknown origin, in which you will click on “accept”.
  6. After this the installation will take a few seconds and voila, you will be able to use your application without problems.

This is the easiest way to download Zoom on your cell phone, because you just have to follow the following steps:

download zoom for cell phone from play store

  1. You must go to the central panel of applications and press on the application “Play Store“or the alternative you use to download apps.
  2. Once inside, just enough search for “Zoom” in the search barOnce that is done, you select the application.
  3. Click on download and it will start downloading automatically, the duration of it will take depending on the speed of your internet.
  4. Once downloaded, you should not worry about the installation as it will be generated completely automatically.

Zoom for iOS

Devices with an iOS operating system are more reserved, so there is only one way to download the applications, and that is through the official App Store offered by the Apple company, in order to download Zoom on your iOS device, follow these steps:

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  • The first thing you should do is open the official App Store on your device.
  • Then search for the Zoom application and enter the description of the application.
  • Click on the install button to start the download process.
  • Once finished you will be able to see the application in the start menu where all the applications are located.

Knowing all the ways to download Zoom on any device you have, you will be able to make the conferences you want and need without any problem, keep in mind that always you must be connected to a good internet network to avoid connection problems or shorts during a video call.

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