How to Download and Send Prank Images that Change When Opened on WhatsApp

One of the jokes that has been maintained over the years on the WhatsApp platform is to send joke images that change when opened in the inbox.

The main secret of these images is keep the wow factor until the end, so that the person who opens the image is caught off guard by imagining something completely different.

So, here we will show you what you should keep in mind to send prank images that change when opened by WhatsApp. What’s more, you will learn to download and make them yourself, to have fun using this WhatsApp prank.

What are the joke images that change when opened by WhatsApp?

Sending joke images is one the teasing that never goes out of style on WhatsAppThis consists of sending a photo to a contact and that it shows an image in the preview and a different one when entering the photo sent.

However, WhatsApp changed the algorithm of its application that analyzed both the preview format and the full screen of the image. So many times the image is shown completely and remove the surprise factor from the joke.

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However, ingenuity is something that characterizes WhatsApp users, and one way to maintain the surprise effect for the images you send is by making them yourself, or downloading them from the internet. The secret is to send a photo showing the joke on top or bottom of it.

So, the WhatsApp preview will only show the center of the image, and it is at the be longer than wide, it will keep the surprise effect for when the person opens said image. In this way, if you do not have problems when sending photos on WhatsApp, you can also send joke images that change when you open them.

How to send joke images that change when opened by WhatsApp?

The main way to get prank images is making them yourself, either from an application to edit photos online or from the WhatsApp photo editor before you send it.

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Remember that the best way to keep the joke a secret is by cropping the photo very vertical in size, that is, that the image is longer than it is wide. In this way, the joke in the image will not be shown in the preview of the images received in the WhatsApp inbox.

Therefore you have three ways to send by WhatsApp The joke images that change when you open them. The first is from the function of attaching files to send them by WhatsApp, there you must select the joke image that you have saved on your device. Likewise, you can also access from the gallery and select the option to «Share image».

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Finally, in case you have created the joke image that changes once it is opened in WhatsApp yourself. Then, once you have finished creating the image, the application will show you the share option on WhatsApp, so you can send it directly to the contact you want.

How to make or download prank images that change when opened by WhatsApp?

The secret behind an effective prank image is to keep the wow factor during your WhatsApp preview. For this, you must manipulate image height you want to send.

In this way, whether you make the surprise image or download it online, you should keep the joke of it on top or bottom of it. Well, it is the scepter of the image that is shown in the preview.

For this purpose, you can use any application to edit several photos at the same time, trust your ingenuity and creativity In addition to selecting the images you want to use to create the joke.

You can use a frequent local news for the center, or a phrase that you know will attract the attention of your contact, and in the upper or lower part of the image place the joke images.

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Remember, it is essential keep the wow factor until the image is opened in WhatsApp, so that the image joke is at the bottom or top of the image, or on both sides.

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