How to Download and Update Dropbox to the Latest Version? – Very Easy (Example)

You want to know how to download and update Dropbox to the latest version? We will tell you how you can easily do it from your computer or mobile device.

Dropbox is a tool that allows you to store different files in a virtual cloud and synchronize them so that you can access them from any device just by logging in with your account.

As well as Dropbox there are other storage clouds such as OneDrive and Google Drive, one of the advantages these programs have is that they allow you to move files between the different programs.

Dropbox is available for operating systems Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android. You can also access from the web without the need for the application.

However, we recommend that in order to have access to all the functions that this useful tool offers you, you have the mobile or desktop application installed and updated. It is completely free, and you can get it from the official stores or from their website.

You should know that Dropbox works like any other application and it is possible disable updates, although they are necessary to guarantee normal operation.

Updates ensure that you can use the latest version and provide performance and security improvements. In addition, it may be that, if you do not do it, some of the functions and tools that you had will stop working.

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How to download and update Dropbox on my computer quickly and easily

You can download and update Dropbox manually or automatically. We recommend that you have automatic downloads configured, as this way you make sure you have a stable and recent version.

But if you prefer to do the updates manually, you must enter the Dropbox official page and get them on the download page.

To do this, scroll to the end of the site and in the footer of the page enter the section Desktop application.

In the new tab that was opened, you just have to click on the download icon. Wait for the process to finish. Then install the Dropbox application with the help of the installation wizard.

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When you have done this, you will see the Dropbox icon on the home page of your PC. Log in and start using it.

Remember that all the changes you make are they sync on your account, so that if you log in with your Dropbox account on another device, you will be able to see the new modifications you have made.

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How to update Dropbox for Android and iPhone devices in a few steps

As you know Dropbox is available for mobile versions from an application that you can get for free from Apple Store and Play Store.

You can keep updates so automatic to make sure you always have the latest stable version on your mobile device. To do this, enter the store on your cell phone.

From the settings, look for the updates section. Schedule your store to download system updates automatically.

The advantage of having the latest version is that this way you make sure it works normally and you have access to all the functions and tools.

If you prefer to do all the updates manually You should be aware that there is no new version for Dropbox. Many people decide to do it this way in order to better manage their mobile storage space.

You can download the mobile version from the Dropbox website. To do this you must slide to the bottom of the screen and in the footer of the web click on Apps for mobile devices.

Another very useful product that Dropbox has is the Dropbox Portable that can be installed on USB devices.

In the new tab that opened write your phone number. You need to make sure that your line is active and that you have access to it. They will send you a download link by SMS.

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Click on it and wait for the download process to finish. Then you must proceed to install it accepting the terms and conditions of the service. Finally, log in or create an account if you don’t have one and you can start using it.

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