How to Download and Update the Free Safari Browser to the Latest Version? – Step by Step

Web browsers are tools that help us navigate the web in an orderly and uncomplicated manner, they make the experience much better. Therefore, it is important to have a browser that fulfills its functions very well, and is one of the best web browsers 2020.

The operatic system iOS offers a default browser called Safari. Previously, iOS had Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser on its devices. It wasn’t until 2003 that a standalone iOS browser was unveiled.

This browser is Safari, Without at doubt it is one of the best browsers currently available. This comes pre-installed on devices with an iOS operating system such as iPhone, iPad or Mac.

It is very important that our devices are up to date, this to help the operation be much better and faster. The browser plays a very important role in all this, to be the best internet browser 2020.

Because malicious web pages are always looking for a way to damage our devices, web browsers have to be constantly updated to avoid this, it is important to know which browser to use. Safari is one of these browsers that fulfills this function, managing to perform constant updates.

In the case of not having this browser, we can download it in a very easy and simple way. Despite being developed for the iOS operating system, we can download it on Windows.

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In this article we will learn the steps to follow to download safari browser. In the case of already having Safari, we will learn the method used to update this browser.

Steps to download and update Safari

If we have a device with an operating system ios, this browser will come pre-installed by default, for which we only must keep it updated. To carry out this update we must follow the following steps:

First we take our device and through the USB Cable we connect it to our computer. It must be taken into account that we must have previously installed the iTunes program on our computer.

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To update the Safari browser the method is to update the operating system of our device. Once our iOS device is connected, we proceed to open the iTunes program.

When iTunes recognizes the device we will click on the tab “Summary”, then we select the option “Search for updates”. A box will automatically open telling us to accept the update, click on To accept.

Carrying out the previous steps, the operating system update will begin to download and consequently the Safari browser will be updated. We just have to be patient and wait for the update to download completely.

Although safari comes by default on devices with an iOS operating system, it is possible to download it to our Windows computer. Following a few simple steps indicated below.

The first step is to open our trusted browser, we go to the address bar located at the top of the screen and look for the Safari browser official page, which you can find through this link. Then the download page will open where we must click on “Free download”.

safari browser logo blue background

It will automatically begin to download, we must be patient and wait until the process is finished. When you download we will proceed to install it, we look for the file that was downloaded and we open it.

An installation box will open welcoming us, we will click on “Next”. Then we must accept the terms, for this we select the option “I accept the terms of license control” and we click on Next.

Now we must configure the installation options, for this we will read each of the options and disable those that do not suit us. Then we click on Next and Next again.

We will get a box where we must grant the installation permission, clicking “Yes” when requested, the process of downloading the Safari browser will begin. Ready in this way we have successfully downloaded and updated Safari.

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Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Have you been able to download the Safari browser correctly? Do you consider that this browser offers a good service? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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