How to Download and Update VLC Codecs Easily (Example) | See How It’s Done

It is well known that to play any audio and / or video file it is necessary in addition to a player, the particular codecs depending on the type of file. Fortunately, VLC allows you to open a large amount of media due to its codecs. We recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to download and update VLC codecs easily.

What are video and audio codecs?

Audio and video codecs are programs that allow compress and decompress media files. These elements work by transforming a file with a stream of data or a signal either by encoding it or recovering it by playing it back.

Characteristics of the audio and video codecs

Almost all the audio codecs and video cause loss of information to achieve the smallest possible size in a final file. Most multimedia files allow the synchronization of audio and video data. Therefore, they are encapsulated together using a container or video file format.

There are some lossless or lossless codecs such as FLAC which maintains the quality of the file even after encoding. However, if a video file is transformed by means of a codec, the system cuts the original image and sound information and adjusts it to a smaller space for encoding.

FLAC VLC codecs

How to Download and Update VLC Codecs Easily

VLC is a very popular application because has most of the existing codecs no need for you to download any extra packages. However, the application offers you the option to download and update codecs through the procedure that we explain below.

VLC and its attributes

VLC or “VideoLAN Client” is a powerful media player that allows you to open practically any multimedia file thanks to its compatibility with the most popular formats.

As if that were not enough, the program is compatible with video streaming protocols, allows adding subtitles and converting between formats. VLC has a customizable and practical interface so that users can quickly access all its functions. Therefore, if you are interested in VLC but you do not have this application yet, you can download the latest version of VLC Media Player for free and in Spanish.

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Advantages of VLC

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of the VLC media player is its ability to open any media file format and its codecs. This happens because the program collects all media codecs so users don’t have to update them one by one or download packages from other websites.

It is important to note that VLC carries out the task of downloading and updating the codecs automatically. In addition, you can look for the manual update in case you prefer to do the process on your own.

VLC audiovisual player

Download VLC codecs easily

VLC presents a set of functions that adapt to all the needs of its users. In fact, many users choose to set VLC as the default player in Windows. With VLC you don’t need to go to a website first to get codecs as the program has its own codecs. Instead, you can go to the “Tools” tab.

Once you access this tab, you will see a list of options. Select “Add-ons and extensions.” VLC will show you a new window where you must press the “Search online add-ons” button. Immediately, the official VideoLAN page will open so you can search for the codecs you need to play your files.

Update VLC codecs

Generally, VLC automatically downloads all codecs you need to play your audio and video files. However, it is possible to manually update the codecs of the software through its own interface.

Locate the “Help” tab and click on “Search for updates”. In the new window you will find the most recent version of the program. Select “Yes” to download the latest codecs and the current VLC application. Choose the location and press the “OK” button. A progress bar will appear and close when the download is complete. This way you can repair common VLC problems in Windows.

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