How to Download and Use Windows Defender Offline in Windows 10 (Example)

In this year 2020 we all realized how harmful viruses can be. Viruses are very harmful, even for your computer. These are computer viruses. Therefore, we will teach you an antivirus called Windows Defender offline for your Windows 10.

In this post we will tell you where to download it and how to use it. So don’t let other things put you off reading this post, your computer will thank you.

Windows Defender and Windows Defender Offline

Although Windows 10 incorporates its own antivirus: «Windows Defender», to protect us against malware; some malicious code, created to control and cause irreversible damage on your computer.

This is not the fault of the antivirus, sometimes we ourselves inadvertently cause a security breach. You may not know how to prevent Windows Defender from deleting Internet downloads. And let’s try to disable Windows Defender completely in Windows 10, to avoid it. But in the end, we let ourselves be infected.

Other times, we can get infected, for example, by postponing system updates for a long time; it is a very common motive. However, if you have a difficult threat to eliminate, you can use this Defender Offline.

To try to avoid these situations, it is best to keep it updated and schedule a scan in Windows Defender Antivirus; so our team will be protected. And if we don’t have a lot of RAM memory, we can limit CPU usage to Windows Defender in Windows 10.

If even with these measures we do not avoid getting infected. Then the offline option is the antimalware scan tool that will help us to detect and remove most malware. Such as: viruses and rootkits, when Windows 10 is not running.

The name Windows Defender Offline in Windows 10, was changed as of the May 2020 update. This security service is currently known as «Microsoft Defender Offline».

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Windows Defender Offline, how to download it in Windows 10

What better place to download this antivirus than from its official Microsoft page? When you download it, you install it on a USB, DVD, CD or an ISO image. But one important thing is that it is carried out on a PC that is not contaminated with malware. These can interfere with the installation and proper operation of the program.

On this official page, in the «Support» area, you will see 2 options to download Windows Defender Offline. Choose the one that fits your processor:

  • Download the 32-bit version
  • Download the 64-bit version

If you are not sure which version to download, do the following on your Windows 10. There you will see the information of how many bits your processor is.

  1. Click the button «Beginning».
  2. Then select «Setting».
  3. Now click on «System».
  4. After in «About». Then click «Device specifications», and now «Type of system».

configuration in windows 10

How to use it to remove difficult viruses

To detect and kill viruses with this antivirus «Without connection», You just have to perform these simple steps in the same order that we present it to you:

  1. Click on «Beginning». After you have closed all the windows on your device.
  2. Writes «Windows Security» and select: «Microsoft Defender Offline».
  3. Click on «Protection against viruses and threats.»
  4. On «Current threats», choose «Analysis options».
  5. Choose «Windows Defender Offline Scan (offline, in Spanish)».
  6. Click the button «Scan Now».

The device will reboot and Windows Defender Offline will start its malware detection and removal process automatically, without the need for you to intervene in the process, which it can last up to 15 minutes.

version verification and configuration in windows 10

Check results

After the scan is complete, you can find the results of how many viruses were damaging your device. Perform the following steps:

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  1. Choose «Beginning«.
  2. Writes «Windows Security» and when appearing «Windows Defender Offline”Select it.
  3. Click on «Protection against viruses».
  4. Now «Current threats», click the «Protection history».
  5. If the security tool cannot detect any malware, no history entry will appear.

By being informed and your Windows Defender Offline updated, the risks are lower. Any concerns with this topic, please let us know.

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