How to Download Bubble Witch Saga 1, 2 and 3 Apk Free Game for Android or PC

Faced with the constant creation of new video games for both Android and PC, very addictive titles have come to be seen but which in turn are not so produced or strategic, they end up being a bit simpler but no less fun for this. Some of them have come to have a immensely great fame.

This could easily be the case of Candy Crush Saga which was created and released by the video game developer King on April 12, 2012. Despite the fact that 9 years have passed since the premiere of this video game for platforms such as Android and iPhone it is still the favorite of many users.

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Developer King has had great success thanks to this and many other games that have been revealed little by little over the years. Within these there is a fairly iconic and striking one that, like Candy Crush, is part of a saga with some characteristics very similar to the famous game for phones.

The aesthetics of this game goes totally hand in hand with all the projects developed and created by the King company, but this is one of the few that has come to have almost the same fame and audience as the popular Candy Crush Saga. Stay with us and we will tell you everything related to this game.

What is Bubble Witch Saga about?

This game is one of the main strengths of the developer King, clearly, along with Candy Crush Saga. Bubble Witch Saga is a puzzle and bomb game in which you will have the task of combining 3 shot bubbles to make them explode successively until you get to the next level.

Its theme is based on a magical story in which a fight between good and evil is told. We will have the task of helping the main characters of this video game which are Nero, Stella and Violet. Together with them we will prevent evil from spreading at all costs and we will return peace and harmony to the kingdom.

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The evil villain Represented in this interesting story is known as Wilbur, who despite having a pleasant image, his purpose is focused on performing all the problems and mischief that I can do in the kingdom, bringing destruction and darkness with him, our task is that this cannot happen.

Each one of the main characters have special powersAlong the way through each of the levels we will be able to use these incredible and powerful companions. But that’s not all since the great Fairy Queen is kidnapped by the evil and terrible Wilbur.

Therefore each time we manage to solve and pass these puzzles we can unleash and help the ghosts that inhabit each of the levels, the owls can be released and we will be able to save the majestic fairy queen from the dark and evil claws of Wilbur, totally avoiding Let darkness invade the kingdom

How can I download Bubble Witch Saga 1,2 or 3 for Android or PC?

This game is currently free from the Play Store, at least for the moment. From the official profile of the developer King we can find the games Bubble Witch Saga 2 and 3. Unfortunately the first version was discontinued in the Play Store but you can get it without difficulty as an APK.

Our first step to download Bubble Witch Saga It will be to enter the official Play Store application, once inside we type the name of the game or the developer, Now a new portal will open where we can see both Bubble Witch sagas and other games launched by the creator, that is , King.

We will select the one we want and we will click on the “Download” button. We will wait for the process to finish and then it will be installed on our device automatically. On the other hand we will also have other alternative stores or third parties where we can download it, these can be Uptodown or APKpure.

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To be able to download it from our PC We will only have to type its name in the search engine and we will select the first option that we find. At the moment there is only the latest version of the game, Bubble Witch 3.

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