How to Download ColorNote Notepad or Post-it apk for Android Cell Phone or iPhone

Are you tired of having to write everything down on paper or in your old diary? The commitments of the day, the shopping list, meetings, activities at the university or school, errands, family celebrations or more. Post-its are your solution.

These quirky pieces of paper with adhesive on the back are a multi-million dollar company. thanks to them, its creator Arthur Fry (who is a renowned 3M scientist)

This idea had a simple premise, which is a small piece of paper, with a rear area which has a special glue that is not fixed until after contact with the oxygen in the air. Thanks to them, its creator, Arthur Fry (who is a renowned scientist at 3M) became a millionaire with a simple invention and with everyday applications.

pen and pieces of paper

Now, what better idea than to turn this into an application, simpler for daily use and ready to work just by looking at your cell phone screen. For this, the ColorNote and Post-it apps are the best option for you.

We are in a world which is making a transition towards cleaner and more sustainable methods to distribute and communicate our ideas, Therefore, skills such as those allowed by this App are essential for the modern entrepreneur, and for all those who are learning to run and have their own business.

Download ColorNote for Android or Iphone

For Android devices, ColorNote is free to download from the Google Play Store for supported models. Although it is a fairly simple application and takes up very little space, It has a set of considerable features, which makes it a very important App in its own category.

The receptivity of the users is above all positive, highlighting the options that it offers us are the colored pads / ‘post-its’ so that we do not forget anything because color helps to memorize things easier.

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It has some interesting features, which allow you to customize your notes. With this App you can assign each entry the priority you want, which is always necessary to keep an agenda well.

ColorNote it also gives you access to a calendar with which you can write down your important dates, alarms and notifications so you don’t miss out on anything.

Download Post-it APK for Android or iPhone mobile

The 3M trademark, the original post-it mark, has published an application with his clever name. This is a tool for those who love these little sticky notes and support the original brand. Its function is to promote the use of these pieces of paper both digitally and physically and make the app the most rewarding for users.

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It is an easy-to-use application, and it comes in different colors and sizes. You have several options to make the experience better. You can create the posts, personalize them and share them in different formats such as PDF, EXCEL and PowerPoint.

One of the newest features of this application is that use the camera to analyze all Post-its that we have on a board, and create your own portable desk with them.

This app, like many others, requires special permits on the part of your phone to function properly, which can be confusing for many beginners who must learn to manage application permissions to get the most out of them.

The possibility of using the cell phone camera and scanning the post-its we have on the cork on the wall at home or in your work space makes it stand out. Post-it has no ads, and you don’t need to pay any special service to use it.

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Among the various applications, none have qualities like those offered by the application developed by 3M. This is free, and can be downloaded both for iPhone and Android can be obtained for free.

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