How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone and Android? (Example)

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks, in it we can see a wide variety of content ranging from videos, photos and more. Since its creation Facebook It has captured the attention of many followers to become the most used social network in the world with more than 2440 million users.

Hence, its contents are very popular, the variety of what we can see on Facebook is enormous due to the large number of people who use it. All those millions of users post videos that we like.

We even make use of this ourselves and upload videos to this social network, and we can download our own videos that we want to always have close by, using the facebook tool «Download your information» or by using some applications.

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And not only our videos, sometimes in those videos that we see contain an important event in the family, graduations, celebrations, as well as friends videos or some are curious, comical as well as animals that are very cute.

But those videos that we have seen on this social network, we want to keep them saved to see them on another occasion, in many cases we must bear in mind that before downloading these videos we must have the necessary permission from their author, since Facebook is not clear about this content and considering that each author is free to reproduce, share their videos of their own authorship with whoever they prefer, we will rely on this to do so.

Of course, directly from Facebook we cannot download those videos that we want to have to see them later if it is a friend, hence we need other help options to get what we want.

With all these advances in terms of technology, they help us and that field the creation of applications have achieved a lot, in addition in this digital world we are always given options to overcome these obstacles.

With the help of some applications we will learn how download Facebook videos on Android or iPhone cell phones. Here we are going to describe how you can save those Facebook videos in the different operating systems available for iOS or Android mobiles.

How to download Facebook videos on iPhone?

Person manipulating Facebook on iPhone

First of all, you must remember to have the permission of your family member or author to download said video, now there are several tools available to download videos on the iPhone, there are applications such as: Documents Readdle, DManager or Documents 5.

We are going to give a simple explanation of how to do it with Documents Readdle, you can find it in the App Store and completely free, this application has functions that allow you to archive, listen, read and even write down everything you want.

You download and install it on your device. Now is the step by step:

Step 1

With the application downloaded on your iPhone, you locate the browser in the app found in the main menu and go directly to this site.

Step 2

After you go log into Facebook, search for the video you want to download. If you are interested in knowing how to activate or deactivate the login with profile photo on Facebook, enter this article.

Step 3

You go to the menu that says «share» you locate and choose where is «share link.» Go back to the application, you give it to paste the link inside the search bar.

Step 4

Immediately the option to download appears, you press it.

Step 5

By now the video you have selected will be saved in the application folder.

How to download Facebook videos on Android?

Facebook on Android light background

For smartphones with Android operating system, we have to download an application that is available on Google Play, its name is Video Downloader for Facebook, is free.

Step 1

Start your Facebook session.

Step 2

Open the application with your user data.

Step 3

With the Facebook session and open application Look for the video you want, press download, the video will be downloaded and saved on your mobile.

As we have seen, it is very easy to download video from Facebook, do it and enjoy those videos that you have wanted to save.

To get more information about which are the best download managers visit this article.

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