How to Download Free Fire with BlueStacks for your PC – Using the Emulator

There is currently a wide variety of Android games of various genres such as puzzle, adventure, action and shooter, the latter of which have developed very popular games among mobile device users, such as Call Of Duty Mobile, Pubg, and Free Fire, which since its launch has generated some popularity and has had a large number of downloads in the Play Store.

What is the Free Fire game about?

Surely you have heard of the Battle Royale mode in the last games they have released, well Free Fire is a multiplayer Battle Royale shooter game in which you are going to have to defeat all your opponents and try to be the last one standing to win, Within the game you will be able to find a great variety of arsenal and equipment, you will also be able to buy and equip different clothes for your character and thus have a better appearance.

To be able to buy these clothes and weapon upgrades you will have to collect a certain amount of points and coins which you will obtain after being victorious in various games. Arguably Free Fire is a simpler version and that requires less resources than the famous game Pubg which you can also download in the Google Play Store.

Despite all this, most users who play Free Fire prefer to use their computer to play it, because the controls on it can be more comfortable and easier to use in terms of gameplay, the problem is in who do not know the way download it on the same PCIf this is your case, don’t worry anymore, in this article we will show you how to download Free Fire on your PC in a very simple way.

free fire player

How can we download and play Free Fire on our PC with the BlueStacks emulator?

In order to download Free Fire and be able to play it from the PC, we will have to download an emulator beforehand because there is still no version of the official game adapted to computers, follow the following steps to be able to download and install Free Fire on your computer:

  • First you will have to download the BlueStacks emulator on its official website to be able to download Android games and Apps to your computer.
  • Then you will have to log in to your Google account and then access the platform Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Once inside the store, enter the search panel and write the name of the game in this case “Garena Free Fire”, choose the option of the official game, where it will send you the description and information about the game.
  • Click on the button “Download” to start the process of downloading the game on your computer.
  • After finishing the download, you can open the game that will be found in the downloads folder or on your PC desktop, open it and start playing Free Fire on your computer!

In order to configure the game controls you can use the BlueStacks application which contains a very extensive configuration of controls so that you can modify the controls you want and adapt them to suit you. very comfortable when it comes to wanting to play on your computer, you can also customize the size of the Free Fire application window to your liking to have a better experience.

playing on pc

There are also other additional options offered by the BlueStacks application to be able to modify some parameters of the game on our computer such as:

With this option you will be able to play different games at the same time, or in case of playing free fire, you will be able to play from different accounts with the help of the function Multi-Instance which has the BlueStacks app.

  • Activate eco mode

The ecological mode will allow you to reduce the consumption of resources on your computer in order to improve performance and prevent the team from working too much, likewise this option will allow the game to run faster even if the quality of it will decrease somewhat.

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  • Multiple Instance Synchronization

The synchronization of multiple instances is a function of BlueStacks which is able to replicate exactly what is being done on the initial screen in all other screens, which will allow you to play more and also help you to level up faster in Free Fire playing on your PC.

What requirements must my PC have to be able to install the BlueStacks emulator?

  • You must have at least 2GB of RAM since this is what Bluestacks requires, however it is much better if you have 4GB on your computer.
  • These emulators cannot work on di computers Bitdefender it’s installed.
  • Graphics cards must be updated to the latest versions that are available, otherwise you will find errors on the graphics card.
  • You must be the administrator of the computer on which you are installing Bluestack
  • Finally, you have to have 4GB of hard disk space available so that you can run the applications on your PC.

How and where can I download the latest version of Free Fire

One of the main things about this super game is that you don’t need to have a very high-end device for you to play it, but it is recommended to have at least 2GB RAM memory in your phone so it can work well.

The game can be found by entering from your browser and looking for the latest version available, then you enter the download link and voila, follow the installation steps and it will be ready to use.

What does the new BlueStacks emulator for PC offer us?

The new BlueStacks emulator is considered the fastest today since it has the best Android and Windows architectures, it has a deep integration in which we can run Android applications on the Windows platform without any problems.

free fire emulator cover

High quality graphics

This new version offers you the best in terms of graphics, thus allowing a satisfactory experience when playing.

Greater game controls

It has many more game controls as it allows you to control screen brightness, zoom, contrast and much more.

Create shortcuts with the keymap

You can create shortcuts with your keyboard that will help you and make everything easier when playing.

Is it possible to play Free Fire with BlueStacks keyboard?

If it is possible to do so, what you should do is start in Free Fire from the home screen of Bluestacks, then click on the game controls icon that is in the side toolbar, the controls menu allows you to do many functions such as turning the game controls on or off, controlling the screen, opacity, outline, sensitivity mouse and many other things which you can configure for more enjoyment and ease when playing.

How to improve the Free Fire gaming experience on BlueStacks

Here what we will do to improve your experience in the game it will be to make a configuration that will allow you to increase the memory of your program and in this way it will make it much faster.

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This configuration allows you to play Free Fire without any delay in BlueStacks thus making the most of the experience. We recommend playing at 90 FPS, as for the CPU if you don’t have a dedicated GPU you have to select low or medium performance from the CPU and if you have a dedicated GPU just select high performance.

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