How to download games for Ubuntu in the middle of 2021

Ubuntu it remains one of the preferred Linux distros for multiple reasons: ease of use, a large community, etc. This operating system continues to improve and here you will discover how to download games for Ubuntu in the middle of 2021, without the need for installation commands.

Although it is rumored that Canonical has abandoned Ubuntu to focus on more profitable developments, the truth is that these free software operating systems have made great progress and can run applications that could not be used before. The ease of downloading applications, including games, has also increased. It has always been said that Linux is not for gaming, but this has changed.

How to download games for Ubuntu

There are several ways to download and play games for Ubuntu. We are going to present you the best currently. Pay attention:

Review Ubuntu Software

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Although Linux created the «app store», Android operating systems beat it in terms of accessibility, ease of download and use of apps. Linux was improving this, we went from a «software repository» that had to download applications with commands, to what exists now: Ubuntu Software, which works just as easily as the Play Store.

There you can see all the applications that you can download to improve your Ubuntu and a large number of games. Simply click on the game you are interested in, install it and open it, it’s that easy. Before you start exploring other options, go to “Ubuntu Software”… there are quite a few games.

How to download games for Ubuntu

Steam, the most famous to download games for Ubuntu

Steam, the gaming platform created by the development giant «Valve» in 2003, still one of the best for getting games on Linux. Such is its importance that several developers had made a “Flatpack” version (trial version without guarantee) so that you could install it on Ubuntu with a few commands and download games. That is no longer necessary: ​​simply enter «Ubuntu Software», search for «Steam», install it and from there you search for the games they offer and that interest you.

steam How to download games for Ubuntu, the other most famous platform

This is the other famous platform to download both free and paid games. It’s great. It’s as simple as installing Steam, you search for “GOG Galaxy” in the “Ubuntu Software”, you install it and that’s it. for Ubuntu

«Games»: a GNOME launcher

GNOME, the famous desktop environment and development infrastructure for GNU/Linux operating systems created in Mexico in 1997 and which has had a very important impact worldwide, has its own game launcher. It’s called «Games» and they have loads of them. Here you will find games of the stature of MarioBros and Donkey Kong, for example. You don’t need to install any extra features or tools. To install it is just as simple as the previous ones, look for it in “Ubuntu Software” and that’s it.

gnome games for Ubuntu

XQF, Game Server Browser

XQF is a game server browser and launcher for Unix/X11 for many popular games like Quake series, Unreal Tournament series, Half-Life, etc.. XQF is an interface to QStat and uses the GTK+ toolkit. You install it just as easily from “Ubuntu Software”. If you have doubts about this, you have the complete user manual on their website by clicking here.

xqf browser for Ubuntu

You have seen that downloading games for Ubuntu in the middle of 2021 has no complications, just install and play. Of course, remember to check the system requirements so that you do not have problems on your PC with them.


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