How to Download GIFs or Animated Images from Giphy for WhatsApp

Since the WhatsApp platform added to its functions the sending of GIFs, which you can download or save, the popularity of this format has uncontrollably increased and the most impressive thing is that it has remained that way.

Giphy is a platform that allows create your own GIFs to later be able to share them on different social networks, and you can even download among the millions of GIFs that exist on the page and share them in the same way.

You can download the GIFs from this page on your mobile, regardless of the operating system it has, or on your computer and it’s totally free. Although Giphy is popular for its GIFs, this is not all the content you will find on this page. You can also create and download stickers or stickers of all kinds.

What are Giphy Animated GIFs or Images for WhatsApp?

The GIF image format is one of the most popular currently, this format is based on add movement to images through frames that happen to each other.

In this way make a short animation but without any sound, which is repeated over and over again for a few seconds. This makes conversations take a fun turn without the need to send large files.

whatsapp a heart and giphy

GIFs take the best of videos and images to create a more practical but just as fun format. GIFs can only have a maximum amount of 256 colors, and coupled with this, the lack of sound, makes a GIF is not as heavy as a video.

The abbreviations of the word GIF stand for Graphics Interchange Format, which translated into Spanish means “Graphics interchange format”. This format was developed in 1987, and although it has existed for more than 30 years, it was actually in this decade that it gained popularity and has become a worldwide trend.

Giphy is a web page where they host millions of GIFs that you can download or save to later use in social networks such as Facebook, and to send by WhatsApp Messenger in the most common conversations. Apart from Giphy, you can find GIFs in Google’s image library.

For this, you just have to type in Google the image term you want to find, then click on the “images“, Then in the option of”tools“And where the types of images you select appear”animated”And then download the GIFs you like the most.

Categories of animated images that you have available in GIPHY

GIPHY is a virtual platform that provides users from all over the world with a great variety of GIFs or animated images to download and save on mobile devices in order to be used on social networks. By accessing this platform you will find GIFs, stickers, stickers and much more, which you can get easily and quickly.

To easily find the GIF you want the most, GIPHY has them divided and arranged in categories. In this way, you can go directly to the GIF or animated image of your choice. Among the categories are: animals, emotions, sports, greetings, vacations, entertainment, artists, clips, among others.

By entering each of the aforementioned categories you will be able to view the wide variety of GIFs to download according to the type of animation you prefer.

Ways to download a GIF and share it on WhatsApp

This section explains in a simple way the ways to download a GIF and share it on WhatsApp. If you are one of those who usually use GIFs or moving images to create a more practical and fun conversation tone, you will surely be interested in knowing how to download them from a web browser or from the application.

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Download them from the browser

The first thing you should do to download GIFs from the Giphy platform, is to access it from the web browser of your mobile device or from your computer. You can immediately view the menu on the screen.

Then, on the right side of the screen, you will see a three dot icon, this symbolizes an alternative menu, when it is displayed, the rest of the functions offered by the Giphy platform will be displayed.

google gif

In the “search” space you can write a sentence that describes the GIF or GIFs you are looking for, once you have selected the one you want to download, you just have to click it. Then the details of the GIF will be displayed, then you right-click, you give it download and it will appear in the download folder of your PC or in the gallery of your mobile

Directly from the App

Another method is through the download of the mobile application that Giphy has created for its users, which you can access through your mobile application library, either Play Store or App Store.

Once the application is downloaded and installed on your mobile, it is time to open it and in the search bar write the GIF or sticker you want to download, select the one of your preference, below the image a three-point icon will appear, here the options will be displayed to send by email, copy the link, share on social networks, save in your mobile gallery, among others.

Then you click on the option to save GIF in the gallery of your mobile or in “save GIF” and ready. You can now use it whenever you want.

WhatsApp versions compatible with GIHPY

Mobile messaging applications are a world trend since their creation, emojis, stickers, stickers and GIFs are fundamental aspects in daily conversations from WhatsApp. More and more people make use of them to express feelings, reactions, emotions, among others.

Despite its popularity, moving images were not compatible with all versions of WhatsApp in earlier times. In fact, only the iOS version he was one of the first who had the GIF search engine available. Before long, its subsequent updates allowed other versions, such as such as Android and Windows Phone GIFs will also be integrated.

Now, those who have the mentioned versions can send animated GIFs thanks to their integration with the GIPHY platform.

Other GIPHY Apps compatible with WhatsApp

It has already been mentioned that with the GIPHY app you can download and save Gifs on your mobile device and share them with your friends from WhatsApp messaging. Best of all, there are now other applications on the GIPHY platform that are compatible with this social network. Therefore, below are mentioned other GIPHY Apps.


This is an application that allows you to create GIFS or moving images in augmented reality. Thanks to this innovative application you can customize your own GIFs, with GIPHY World you can generate your own content in order to share it on social networks and make the conversation more fun and dynamic.

How to make your own GIF in GIPHY World? Simply record a short video where you can add different elements integrated into the application, from, stickers, texts, backgrounds, among others. Once the file is ready, you can save it to later share it on WhatsApp. To get GIPHY World you can go to the Play Store and download it for free.

GIPHY Capture

Other applications with the possibility of creating GIFs is GIPHY Capture for devices Mac. A digital platform, which can be downloaded for free from the Play Store application store. What does this web tool consist of?

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GIPHY Capture Consists of the creation of fun and entertaining GIFs through screenshot, where you can create different animations and in any size. It is a simple tool to use, since you only have to access the App, indicate the size of the GIF and the position of the capture, once these elements are synchronized, it is time to start recording.

Advantages of GIFs?

  • Easy to visualize from any device due to its small size
  • Do more dynamic and fun the conversation
  • Produce emotional impact
  • They can be shipped from different platforms
  • It has the possibility of being more shared than any other content

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