How to Download Images or Photos in Their Original Size From Facebook Easily

Facebook marked a major shift in technology since its inception more than a decade ago. Since the generation of this then used to communicate with your friends or family using other more primitive means so to speak.

It all begins when Marck Zuckerberg, a computer-literate student at Harvard University decides to create a platform for his peers to judge their physical attractiveness against each other.

However, when using personal material of the users it had to be eliminated. So then he decides to create with other friends a new social network for students to interact.

Later and observing the incredible receptivity that his page had had, he began to work on a project that will cover people all over the world, thus becoming one of the first and most popular social networks of all.

How to download images or photos in their original size from Facebook?

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One of the main reasons why Facebook has maintained its importance in the digital world is thanks to the introduction of new products for its community of users, since although many people use this medium to keep in communication with their friends and family.

There are other sectors that seek to boost their sales and for this they use commercial strategies such as marketplace or company pages.

The quantity and quality of content that people can post on your profile, since previously only an image or photograph was established on the wall and this would be the way in which other people would identify you. Nowadays you can add as many photos, images and videos as you want in addition to videos, gifs and many other elements.

If you are one of the users who share photos on their social networks to interact with your friends, Facebook is an excellent option, since it offers downloads in excellent resolution and you can have access to your content when you need it. If you want you can download the photo albums of your friends.

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Steps to download images or photos in their original size from Facebook

Save images from Facebook

Facebook is an excellent alternative when it comes to storing multimedia content that you want to keep for posterity. This is thanks to its configuration, in which once you share your photos or videos, they will only be deleted when you decide to do so and in any case the process would be carried out manually.

However, if you want to download images or photos You must take into account some Facebook rules, since in the event that the images are established in the profile or account cover, they will have certain measurement parameters that cannot be modified.

However, in the case of all other images or photographs uploaded to the network, they will be uploaded at their original size. Already clarifying this, the process to download the images or photographs from your profile, or from the profile of an account or another friend is quite simple. First you must log into your account and enter the image you want to download.

In the upper left corner of the image you will find three vertical dots that symbolize the options menu, click on it and click on the option “save to device”. You will then have to wait for the download process to finish. This will take a few seconds depending on the weight of the file.

In case you consider it necessary to safeguard the contents that you share in your profile (so that these cannot be downloaded by any user), you can limit the amount of public that has access to your information.

For this you can make adjustments in the privacy settings or also click on the specific image, click on “edit privacy” and choose from public (everyone can see it). “Friends of my friends”, “friends” (your friends on Facebook), or “only me” (only you can view such content).

Therefore, it should be noted that the Facebook platform is constantly working on new updates. Which provide a better experience for your usersTherefore, this is favorable when sharing some information or publicizing a brand, company, business, among others.

Finally, it should be mentioned that the process to download images on Facebook is one of the simplest. Since in other social networks and even this is impossible.

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