How to Download, Install and Configure the Nexus Dock Icon Bar

Have you ever wondered, what should you do to download the Nexus Dock icon bar? How is your installation process? Or maybe what to do to configure it? If you want to download and configure the Nexus Dock icon bar on your pc desktop and you don’t know what to do, stay and go quickly and easily we will teach you.

The Nexus Dock Icon Bar is a great tool for Windows that gives you a look at the Mac OS dock bar. Although this Mac OS system has several versions of Apple; this tool has designs that you can edit in the configuration according to your need.

The best thing about this tool is that in addition to being eye-catching and being able to introduce you to various files and applications, we can get it for free. However, there is the paid version for additional functions.

Below you will see, in steps, everything you must do to obtain your Nexus Dock icon bar in a totally simple way, to beautify the appearance of your pc desktop and serve you the excellence of its functions.

How to download the Nexus Dock icon bar

The first thing you should do to download the installer file is to go to the search bar of your browser and write “winstep nexus” and press enter.

Once this is done, we will choose from the list, the option that says “Winstep Nexus Dock and Nexus Last”. Being inside, we will locate two download buttons They say “Winstep Nexus” for the free version and “Winstep Nexus Ultímate” for the paid version.

nexus requirements description

In case you choose the paid version, you will only fill out the form that will appear in the next window with your data, to be able to buy it. If you choose the free version, a new window will open where you will press the option that says “Download Now” and the download will begin.

How to install

Once the file is downloaded, you will have to unzip it using a program such as “Zip or Winrar”; already unzipped, you will select the installer file that you have left, you will right click on it and choose the option “Run as administrator”.

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In a few seconds a message will appear asking if you allow this operation; you will press where it says “yes”. Now a small window will open in where you can select the language for the installation program and the tool itself.

Therefore, the installation program will open and there you will select the option that says “next”, after that the license terms will be displayed and you will mark the option that says “I accept the agreement” and click on next again.

Now in the next 2 sections, you will be able to choose the path where you want the program to be installed, although generally they are left as they are and you press next.

Finally, the option to “Install” will appear and you will press that option; once the process is finished, there will be a last section where you will click where it says “Finish” and thus the installation will be concluded.

How can you configure it

Once the installation is complete, the new icon bar you have been waiting for will automatically appear at the top of your desktop; In addition to that, two messages will appear, one of the update manager and the other of help, there you must uncheck all the boxes and in the first you will press “no” and in the second, “close”.

To configure the Nexus Dock icon bar, all you have to do is open the “Nexus” icon in said bar to bring up the tool’s interface, there you will find options such as position, themes, effects and appearance, among others; when you have made your changes only you will click on “apply” and it will be ready.

nexus desktop icons

Also, to add your shortcuts you will only drag the icons to the bar and they will be added automatically, now, to remove them you will right click on said icon and press the option that says remove.

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So easily and quickly, you could learn how to download, install and configure your Nexus Dock icon bar on Windows. If you liked this article, do not forget to share and leave us your comment, since you motivate us to provide you with top quality information.

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