How to Download, Install and Use Dropbox Cloud Based Storage on Mac? (Example)

Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage-based systems out there. Since this application lets you literally save a massive amount of information in a completely secure way. For that reason and for you to learn more about it today you will see how download, install and use Dropbox Cloud Based Storage on Mac.

Download, install and use Dropbox Cloud Based Storage on Mac

To get straight to the point, the first thing you have to do to be able to download, install and use Dropbox Cloud Based Storage on Mac, is to go to the Dropbox website, and buy one of the plans that they have available.

These can be the monthly, the annual and the companies. Prices may vary but usually for just one month the sum of 10 euros is requested, which is almost nothing compared to the advantages that this application brings, such as 500gb of storage.

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Once you have chosen and purchased a plan, the program will automatically download to your computer. When you get it, go directly to the installer that is in the folder that was downloaded, its name is Dropboxinstaller.dmg.

two color dropbox logo

When you find it, click twice on it to open the installer window. Then double-click again, but this time on the Dropbox icon, and then click on the «Open» button in the dialog window that will appear.

This action will cause Dropbox to download any available updates and then automatically start the program installation. When this is over, you will have a direct access to it on the desktop, and the application’s login window will also pop up.

If you have an account, enter the corresponding data, if not, you need to know that registering with Dropbox for free is easy. Hit the link called «Sign Up» so you can get an account quickly. Regardless of which of the two slopes you do, log in.

Finally, when the congratulatory message for the installation comes out, click the button «Open my Dropbox folder.» Note: if you want to, over time, it is also possible to permanently delete a Dropbox account.

Use the Dropbox folder

Now that you know the above, you are one step closer to answering the question How to download, install and use Dropbox Cloud Based Storage on Mac? the only thing you need to learn is how to use the program.

First of all, once you have given the final button in the previous section, you must enter your account password so that Dropbox finishes synchronizing with the computer. Then what you must do to use this system is to add things to it like a normal folder.

blue dropbox keys

Since Dropbox really does not have great manual use, most of the functions it fulfills are automatic. As for example: when placing a file in the Dropbox folder, it will immediately begin to synchronize with the cloud, which will make a copy saved on the network. Also, in addition to uploading, you can share files through Dropbox for free.

Thanks to this, your files will never be lost, and you will also be able to see and share them from any device where you have Dropbox, even if it is not a Mac. You will be able to identify these files because they will have a flag indicating their synchronization. You can even use Dropbox to sync your Mac calendars.

And voila, with that you already know how to download, install and use Dropbox Cloud Based Storage on Mac. All you have to do at this time is go to your Apple computer and start following the steps to have this program functional in a few minutes.

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