How to Download, Install and Use the BancoEstado ‘PagoRUT’ Application to Send and Receive Payments

As technology advances, the ways of performing different operations become more practical, comfortable and digitally via smartphone apps. Among the operations we can highlight, as one of the most important, the use of bank systems to exchange money between people in a digital way; taking PayPal or Zelle as an example.

In this case, the Rut Payment option is presented as the official application of the State Bank of Chile, with which different operations can be carried out virtually between its users and its function is to send and receive payments between users of the RUT account, by means of any smart mobile phone.

Also I know you can have a convenient and practical overview of the account statement, movements, current balance, receive receipts, offers and updated information online.

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Requirements to install the application.

Before I start download and install the application, you must have a smart mobile phone with internet access, have a RUT account for frequent use, with your BancoEstado internet password or ATM password, bank coordinates card, email affiliated with the bank and / or password of transfers.

How to download and install it

The BancoEstado application must be installed. It is available for free in the AppStore, for Iphone users, in the Play Store for Android users and in the App Gallery for Huawei users; select the application, press «Install» and accept the terms and conditions, once there the process of download and install of the application.

Account activation

  • Once the application is opened, the user of the Rut account will request, enter account details and click on continue, when entering the password, it gives you the options of the user password or, failing that, the cashier password (the latter will allow you to choose between Rut account, savings account or checking account), you enter the data and press continue.
  • Then it will ask you to confirm if the number of the device in which the application is located is correct, in order to receive a code in the text message inbox and enter it in the boxes once that number is accepted.
  • Then you will be asked for the email affiliated with the bank for activation, then two verification options are offered: the first will be the verification code that will arrive in the mail and the second will be the Coordinate card from the bank that will ask you to mark the digits written in the said coordinates; this will depend on which of the two options you want to select.
  • At the time of entering the aforementioned data, the email and the telephone number where the application is being installed will be requested again, later, a new verification code will arrive at the telephone number that must be entered.
  • Subsequently, you are asked to create the password that will be used each time you want to enter the application following certain recommendations, once created you will be asked to confirm and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Finally the option of synchronize contacts, it is recommended to activate the synchronization to save time adding to contacts within the application.

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How to pay using PagoRut

Enter PaymentRut and write your respective password, press where it says «Pay», write the amount to deposit, write the subject and continue. Then a QR will appear that must be shown to the payment recipient and a numerical code that is used by applying the «share» option. Once the payment has been made, you will be given your respective receipt.

How to get paid

Enter PagoRut and write your respective password, press the option «Receive Payment«, select one of the two options presented to you.

If you choose the QR code option, you must activate the QR reader and scan the code that the payer shows you. If you choose the numeric code, you must enter the code shared by the payer and the amount to be charged. Once selected, press «Continue». Verify the data well, and press «Confirm», finally you will be given a receipt of payment made.

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