How to Download, Install and use Xiaomi Flash Tool to Flash my Mobile with Original ROM

Xiaomi is one of the Chinese smartphone brands that has had great relevance over time, such has been its notoriety today that it competes with global companies including those in its country. Mobile phones can update the ROM version, this is the case of those with the Android operating system.

Among the best-known brands in China is the Huawei brand, which can also update its software, but for the installation of this it is necessary to have a computer that has a Windows 7 system onwards. This operation can be done in three different ways, which we will show below in this article step by step.

Installing the ROM from Fastboot

We will start with the Xiaomi Flashing Tool and culminate with the Fastbook for developers that belongs to the Xiaomi account, after downloading them we proceed to install them to continue with the ROM installation process.

flash tool is used for xiaomi mobiles

Step 1

First of all, we must turn off our Xiaomi, then turn it on by pressing the power buttons and volume up, both at the same time, in this way we will enter Flashboot form to be able to install the ROM that we have previously downloaded to our computer.

Step 2

The next step to take is connect our Xiaomi equipment to our computer and make sure that it has been recognized, then what must be done is unzip the ROM file and then we proceed to Copy the extracted files.

Step 3

Therefore, we will go to the Flashing Tool which was previously installed on our computer to be able to access to execute it, we will paste the previously copied files in the upper window and we will press the first yellow button on the right.

Step 4

After the tool recognizes that the equipment is connected, we will press the following red button, then the tool will start flashing the ROM on the computer, which when finished will restart automatically.

Download the ROM and install on our Xiaomi device

The next method that exists is download the ROM on our computer I have installed it directly from our Xiaomi device, it should be clarified that if we want to install a ROM more updated than the current one of the equipment, no information will be lost.

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But if want to revert to an old ROM versionIn that case, if all the information will be lost, this point has already been clarified, now we can continue with the steps to follow to install the ROM on our device.

with this tool you can change the rom of your xiaomi

Step 1

After having downloaded the ROM, what we will do now is connect our Xiaomi equipment to the computer, then what we will do is to copy the ROM found in the dwonloaded rom folder of our Xiaomi team.

Step 2

Then we will go to open the Updater App on our Xiaomi, We go to the menu and then click Select Installation File, then we must place in the Select Installation File the ROM that we have downloaded and copied from the dwonloaded rom folder. Therefore, we will select the Update Now or Update option and then we will wait for the installation to begin.

Step 3

At the end of the ROM installation we must press the Reboot option o Restart to restart the device, and now we just have to wait for our computer to restart several times until it starts normally.

ROM installation from MIU Recovery

This last procedure is one of the simplest to perform, which consists of the following steps that we must follow.

Step 1

After downloading the ROM The next step to follow is to change the name to to our file, then we connect our device to the pc with a USB cable and copy the file to the internal memory of the device.

Step 2

To enter Recovery mode, we must turn off the device and turn it on by pressing volume up and power at the same time.

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Step 3

Using the volume keys we select the option Install to system one, we accept with power button and that’s it. And to finish the installation we must restart the computer so that we end the whole process.

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