How to Download Music from Amazon Prime Music to Listen Without Internet Connection (Example)

Amazon has a subscription called Amazon Prime; and from this, Amazon Prime Music emerges. You may wonder, what is Amazon Prime Music? It is a service of online and live streaming music. But also, you can download music from Amazon Prime Music to listen to it without an internet connection.

So how much does Amazon Prime Music cost and what does the subscription include ?; It has a previously established cost, which you can pay annually or per month. After registering in Amazon Prime offers you one month free from Amazon Prime Music; but once the period is over, you must decide whether or not to continue with the service.

Therefore, you will be able to listen to Amazon Prime Music for free from the mobile App or the PC for a while. It also offers you a variety of interesting services; since you have the right to enjoy Prime Video, deals of the day, fast product deliveries, among others.

What are the music plans that Amazon offers?

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The subscription in Amazon, presents you three different styles or plans to listen to music, between they have: Amazon Prime Music, which is included for free with the Amazon prime payment; in all three, many songs are enjoyed without interruption in advertising.

amazon prime music interface screen

Then we have two from Amazon Music Unlimited, one for users who are registered in Amazon Prime with monthly or annual rates and another Amazon Unlimited, for those who are not affiliated with Prime with only monthly rate, and without benefit of the two free months; but you can join Amazon Prime, independently.

What is the price of Amazon Prime Music?

The cost for Spain is 4.99 euros if you pay it per month; which will help you to experience well all the services it offers, to make the decision to continue. The annual payment of 36 euros is recommended; since, you save a little, being the lowest monthly payment.

The service is worth trying from Amazon Prime; It is always possible to unsubscribe and cancel the subscription to Amazon Prime Music, and the other Amazon Prime services at any time you want.

What benefits does Amazon Prime Music offer to subscribers?

Amazon Prime Music, offers a directory of music about two million of different songs of different musical genres; If you want a special one, and you can’t get it, then, it shows it to you even if it doesn’t have it available, so you can listen to it on Amazon Music Unlimited, which has an unlimited catalog.

Another of its advantages is that you have access to Prime Photos from the cloud, as well as, zero publicity to hear calmly your music without interruptions; Even if you lose your internet connection momentarily, there is an «Offline Mode» you can use.

It’s compatible with Android, iOS, Mac OS or Windows operating systems, although if you have someone else, you can enter from the browser; works on laptop, tablet or Kindle Fire devices and download the content you are looking for.

How to download music from Amazon Prime Music so that you can listen to it without an internet connection?

First of all, if you can download and listen to both the songs, such as the playlist or an album when you do not have an internet connection, as long as said music has been downloaded to the corresponding device.

young woman listening to music from amazon prime music

Now, if you go to the «Menu» of Amazon Music, it has a section called «Offline music mode», you click on it, either to activate this function or to deactivate it and it works for the devices already mentioned above.

This is because you must access Amazon Music, in order to enter Amazon Prime Music, since, it is not possible to download it to any other storage other than the inmates; Besides, you can also choose the recent songs in the corresponding icon.

The other point to take into account is that, to carry out this activity in question, that is, download and listen without the connection on the web, you are only allowed to do it on 4 devices, previously authorized by the service.

Finally, we have seen that if at any time you run out of internet connection, you will not have any problem, since, Amazon Music, has foreseen that incidentso that you can continue listening to your favorite music.

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