How to Download Music, Songs and Podcast from Spotify? (Example)

Nowadays there are many users who want to learn how to download music, songs and podcast from Spotify. And it is that Spotify has become one of the applications preferred by many, since the quality of the songs and podcasts is very good.

It offers to repeat the same song several times on Spotify and also to create custom covers for Spotify playlists, just to name some of its basic functions. But this is not all, since it also has very interesting functions that allow the user to feel at ease.

Through this section I will be teaching you download music, songs and podcast from Spotify, so you can enjoy podcasts, songs, etc., quickly.

Download from Spotify

First of all, before teaching you how to download music, songs and podcasts from Spotify, you should know that Spotify has a DRM system. This system ensures that users who have free accounts cannot download music or podcasts. Therefore, it will not only be enough to create and have a Spotify account for free.

For this reason, in order to download the music or podcast through the application you must be a Premium user.

Use Spotify account

Download music, podcast or discs

As I have already been telling you throughout this section, downloading music, songs and podcasts from Spotify is easy. In the event that you want to download a disc of your choice, the first thing you should do is look for the disc of your favorite artist.

Select the disc so that you can enter and observe its file, once you are within the disc options, you just have to press the button “Download”. By doing this, the disk you select will be automatically saved in the memory of your smart device.

It is recommended that you keep the album of your favorite artist or group in the library, so that you can access it quickly. So that you can carry out this process, you just have to enter the disk tab (like the previous step) and press the “Keep”.

In the same way you can perform with each song, in case you do not want to save the entire disk, but the songs that you like.

A song

The easiest way to download a single song is to previously save your Favorite songs in a favorite list or playlist. To carry out this process, you simply have to go to the song you want, select it, press the option of the three points found on the right side.

A small menu window will appear and you will select “Add to playlist “, do the same process with each song you want. Now you have to carry out the last process, you must go to the playlist window, generally the songs that you saved previously are stored in the folder of “Favorites”.

Download music songs and podcasts spotify

You are going to select the three points that are a lake from the name of the folder and now you must select in “Download”.

To finish, you just have to choose the place or folder where you want your favorite music to be downloaded, and that’s it.

Store the music

If you want to download music, songs and podcasts from Spotify and you have a smart device that can add an external memory card, this is excellent news. You will most likely want to save your songs to external memory instead of using internal memory, to avoid filling up the internal memory.

So to program the place where you want to store the download of the songs, the first thing you must do is enter the Spotify application. Once inside the application you must go to the option of “Your library”, now you are going to select the tool icon to enter “Settings”.

At the bottom of the Settings window you will find the option “Storage”, You must select it. To finish, you should see two options, “Device storage” and “SD card”, You are going to select the latter.

Storing the music on the SD card will allow you to find the songs quickly in case you need to uninstall the application and reinstall it.

When launching the application and searching for the album or song, lThe application will recognize the folder on your SD card and later you can play your songs without the need to be connected to the internet.

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