How to Download Notepad ++ From Microsoft Store – Very Easy

Microsoft Store has shown day by day, to have a large base of followers, including the web developers, who trust and prefer to publish their applications within the store, as long as they are in UWP. You can install it on your PC so that you can enjoy all its advantages.

It has become more and more common to find various fashion applications within this store and all this is thanks Project Centennial.

It is thanks to this, that it has been possible to take a great leap towards this new application format, since at present, applications such as Spotify or Notepad ++, have been the stars from the moment we find them within app.

In this post we will give you the specific data, so that you can download Notepad ++, from the Microsoft Store, in a very easy and simple way.

windows notepad

We can now download Notepad ++ compiled as a UWP application for Windows 10

A very short time ago you saw the Notepad ++ application inside the Microsoft Store, which has been compiled with Project Centennial in order to appear within Windows 10.

However, this version is not maintained or made official by the official developers of said project, but on the contrary, everything is thanks to a web developer, called NightRise, who has cloned the repository official, in order to make it available to anyone who would like it in their system.

This action was taken by the user, just after those responsible for the Program, they will refuse to launch said application within the store. This version of Notepad ++ is completely free and you can find it on the web without any problem, since it can be downloaded by any Windows 10 user.

write white notedpad

An application very similar to its original version

NotePad ++ is known as one of the best notepad alternatives that you can find at Windows 10. The most important thing about this whole topic is the fact that it works quite well as a source code editor.

For which it has become famous among web developers, since it directly benefits their work and the way they develop. And it even allows you to install and manage Plugins within the platform.

This application conforms to a free state distribution software, which is available for free and easily accessible to all directly from the Microsoft Store.

However, it is important to clarify that this is not its 100% official version. This is because the developer Jake Vis has made a cloning of the official repositories of said program, which has gone directly through the app converter from Microsoft’s desktop, in order to obtain a version that can be published within the store.

As it is completely free to use software, you should not have any problems when it comes to performing the download action. However, it is important to mention that the application presents the following list of errors:

  • Plugins cannot be removed or failing that changed under any circumstances
  • Those plugins that are new cannot be loaded
  • The adjustments made within it, including the language change, will be saved successfully, but will not be kept for future sessions.

NotePad ++ has steadily started to receive various updates to your desktop version. However, we tend to ignore how much attention you will receive regarding the version that is within the store. Since although we have highlighted it, the application has certain flaws but great benefits that are worth highlighting.

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