How to Download or Update Windows Media Player to the Latest Version? – Very easy

From the beginning of computing, a world full of big opportunities. Where you could design advanced programs with specific functions and thus improve a little the way we perceive things.

The images, the audio, as well as the music played a very important role in all this, since a way was sought to bring these files to the world of computing. This event was possible thanks to media players.

These basically are digital programs that allow us to store, organize and later reproduce video, image and audio files. Over time these players have evolved, increasingly perfecting their characteristics.

One of the most popular multimedia players is Windows Media Player developed by the Microsoft company, it is the base player of its Windows operating system. Its official launch was in 1996.

Since its appearance in the Windows operating system, this media player has become a fundamental tool for our computers. Due to its good performance as a multimedia file player.

Windows Media Player is a program that is characterized by being constantly evolving, presenting from time to time much more improved versions compared to the previous ones. Among the main features is the ability to organize all our multimedia files in a very orderly manner. This program allows the user to create albums and add covers, convert CDA file to MP3, convert WMA file to MP3, etc.

The Interface who owns, being this very practice when executing the program, as well as its speed and presentation are surprising. It is very important if we have this great program, keep it updated so that it works in a better way.

In the case of not having it, we can download it by following some very simple steps that will be indicated below. Where we will download the most recent version of the Windows Media Player multimedia player.

If we want to download Windows Media Player on our computer, the first step we must take is to open our trusted browser. The next thing we will do is go to the search bar, to be able to access the official site that will allow us to download.

In it we must enter this link, which directs us directly to the official Microsoft page, specifically to Windows Media Player download site. After having carried out this process, the following will be select language in which we want to download the player and click on «Download».

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download windows media arrow white background

Windows Media Player will automatically start to download, we wait until the process finishes. Now we go to the folder «Downloads» and we look for the file that we have just downloaded, we double click on it to open it.

It will ask us to grant the permission and we will click on «Yes», an installation box will open welcoming us, we must select the option «Next». Next we must accept the terms and conditions.

We select the site where we want our player to be downloaded and we click «Continue». The Windows Media Player installation process will begin, we must be patient until it finishes, finally our computer will restart this for the installation to be successful.

If what we want is to update our multimedia player Windows Media Player to its latest version what we have to do is follow the following steps:

The first thing is to open our Windows search engine.

Next, in the search engine we write Windows Update and we give enter, once we find it we enter this tool. The next step will be to select the option «Search for updates», located on the left menu of the screen.

windows logo media wrench blue background

Automatically a process of searching for updates will beginWhen it ends, it will tell us how many updates we have pending. We will click there and look for the Windows Media Player update.

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Finally, we select it and then execute it, the update processWhen finished, it is recommended to restart the computer for the process to be successful. Ready in this way we have downloaded and updated the program.

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