How to Download Royalty Free Images from the Pexels App

Those natural persons and in some legal cases, who have created musical, literary, artistic, theatrical, audiovisual or scientific works; are the ones who have the copyright on such works. That is, it is protected with a distinctive mark from plagiarism; the way the author describes, explains and illustrates his ideas, as well. If a person wants to place an image, for example, in a writing and it owns copyright, then the creator’s permission or authorization so as not to incur any crime. However, you can download royalty-free Pexels images without worry, learn how.


What is the Pexels App?

How to Download Royalty Free Images from the Pexels App

Pexels, is an application in which you can download image banks, photos and even wallpapers to share; which, have been created by photographers that make up this community, they are also free; the licenses belong to Pexels or Creative Commons, without having to mention the inventor.

What are the elements of the Pexels App interface?

We start at the Pexels home page, it should be mentioned that the titles are in English, as it is not translated into Spanish; in this page we are going to see the following elements:

In the upper left part there is a person silhouetteIf we click on it, all the user’s personal data will appear. Then towards that upper part but to the right, we see a circle with a rhombus inside; if you click on it, the different categories appear, “Popular Searches” or popular searches.

Then and a little lower, the “Most popular connections” and below is the “Top photographers” or top photographers; It is here where the name of the same appears and the number of photos that it has uploaded; also under the title “Pexels” and towards the left side we see the magnifying glass icon.

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This is a search engine, next to it another title with the name of “Search for free photos” or free photo search; to finish under the magnifying glass is the word “Trending” in green, where they are located trends or most downloaded photos of the moment.

How to download royalty-free images from the Pexels App?

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The first thing is to download the application from Pexels and install it: Now to search for an image of a specific topic, place the name in the search engine or magnifying glass; for example, car wash and we search. Then a good number of photos will appear all related to the proposed theme.

Later, you choose the one you like; this photo appears with various data, including the name and photo of the photographer, as well as the number of views to the left. The size or size to the right, the number of pixels that indicates the quality of the image and if it is in HD; and the weight is expressed in MB.

Above these data, it is observed from right to left, three symbols, the first a heart that has to do with a social network, then the + symbol within a circle; that allows you to save it in the cloud on the internet and lastly, an arrow pointing downwards and within a circle.

If we click on it, they unfold other photo options, that is, “Download and Share”, download and share or “Change Size” to change the size of the photo, between “Original”, “Large”, “Medium” and “Small”; It is recommended to leave it in “Done” so as not to lower its quality.

Below, we see that you can save it in the cloud. Then “Share” to share it on social networks and then it appears below this “Download” or download; then we click here and will be fully downloaded, then you save it in your photo folder on your mobile.

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We see that the methodology is easy and simple to use, with a clear and well-defined follow-up, perhaps it may make you uncomfortable that the entire interface is in English. But any translator can help you; Besides, the variety of photos that the App has is important.

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