How to Download Telegram on Android, iPhone and PC Windows and Mac – Step by Step

The Telegram application has managed to gain a lot of strength since its inception on the platform of the instant messaging apps. It has managed to reach almost the same popularity as the WhatsApp Messenger application.

They are certainly very similar, however, Telegram has certain characteristics that make it unique until now. This application is available for devices with Android operating system, iOS operating system, for PC and MAC.

Telegram is even considered an application of instant messaging more secure than WhatsApp, since it offers multiple ways to protect the content we receive and send, in addition to making access to chat groups more exclusive by implementing a password to enter them.

Its synchronization is constantly updated in the cloud, which makes it more difficult and decreases the chances of lose content found in your account. It also offers you the opportunity to access your Telegram account through different devices at the same time.

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What is Telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging platform, it also allows the sending and receiving multimedia files, also offers its users the possibility of creating chat groups, thus facilitating mass communication.

This can be done with the contacts that we already have added or that we add at that time, in our usual list of phone contacts. The Telegram application is very similar to other mobile instant messaging applications, such as the WhatsApp application.

In this we can place a profile image, a prominent message on our profile, among others. In the same way, we can follow up on the messages we have sent to know if the contact you have received and read it.

Just as you can send text messages, you can also send voice notes, make video calls with one or more contacts, voice calls, among others.

This platform is well known for news broadcast, thanks to one of its most popular features, which is the possibility of creating exclusive Telegram channels for the dissemination of specific content. Therefore, it has become a very useful tool in the medium of social communication, especially for journalists.

What differences does Telegram have in its web version with the mobile?

As you already know, Telegram is an application that you can download on your smartphone, but this App also offers us a web version. Which does not need us to download it to our PC and this can be a very noticeable difference. Although we can get the desktop version that can be downloaded as an App.

Another difference that we can appreciate is that the web version, although it becomes quite complete it does not offer us all the functions that its mobile version offers us. For example, it is not possible to send photos taken with the camera or videos. Nor will it be possible to send contacts, location, music, surveys. Nor will it be possible to create a Telegram account with the web version.

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How can I install Telegram on my computer

One of the best advantages that Telegram offers to its users is that it is possible use your PC version. In this way you will be able to carry out the same functions that you use in the mobile application. If you are interested in having this incredible social network on your PC, we invite you to continue reading.

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On windows

In order to download Telegram on a PC, it is necessary to obtain this application through an Android emulator, such as Bluestacks for instance. With this application on your computer you can perform the same functions as through your Android or iPhone device.

For this you must download BlueStacks and search for Telegram within it, here the icon of the Play Store where you will access with a Google account. Then you go back to looking for Telegram and now you can download it just like on an Android device. Telegram PC, which is the official version of Telegram for PC.

On Mac

Now, if you want to download Telegram for MAC, the procedure is easier, since it is very similar to downloading Telegram on an iPhone. App Store from the MAC and carry out the common procedure, that is, search for the application, download it and install it.

Procedure to download Telegram on my mobile

For download the Telegram application On any mobile device, regardless of whether it has the Android operating system or the iOS operating system, it is basically the same procedure, which is done quickly and easily.

But we will explain what steps you should follow in the same way so that you do not have problems when downloading and installing Telegram on your smart device.


This procedure consists of opening the application library that our mobile device brings by default, regardless of which operating system it has. But in the case of iPhone, we go to the search engine and write “Telegram”, There you will get several results referring to the original application.

Then you are going to locate the original verified Telegram application and you are going to download it. With iPhone you do not have to look for the verified one, since Apple authorizes all the applications found in the App Store, that is, these they are safe.

Once downloaded and installed, log in or create your account in Telegram with an active phone number or email where you will receive a code to validate your account which you will have to enter in the application. Once all the aforementioned is done, you will be able to enjoy the functions offered by the Telegram application through your iPhone.

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In the case that you use a mobile with Android operating system, you will be the following. First enter the Google virtual store, that is, the Play Store. Then write in the search engine Instagram and the official App which you must select will be displayed on the screen.

Then you are going to click on the option ‘Install’ and the process of download and install the program on your mobile. Once the process is finished, you must open it so that you can start with the creation of your account and where you only have to follow the steps of the system.

What functions does Telegram present in addition to free texts and calls?

Telegram is a social network that has been growing over time and has included new functions that other applications of this type do not perform. C where we can mention the creation of groups, which can be made up of up to 200,000 contacts. In addition to allowing the sending of files of different formats.

Besides sending messages and making free calls, you can send videos which you can play without downloading. Also, photos, Stickers, emojis, GIF, you can include two photos in your profile, you also use the innovative ‘bots’ that are nothing more than an automated robot and that you can customize at any time.

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As you can see, Telegram becomes an option that no one should stop having on their PC or mobile. And even more so when the inclusion of video calls is expected a function that will allow this App to be much more complete.

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