How to Download the Best Free Sticker Packs for WhatsApp on iOS and Android? (Example)

Welcome! In the following paragraphs we will tell you how you can download the best free Stickers packs for WhatsApp on iOS and Android in a few steps. Say goodbye to those boring conversations.

Since WhatsApp implemented the use of Stickers in their conversations, more and more users decide to use them in their conversations to show their reactions to certain situations in a more graphic way.

While it is true that WhatsApp has some Stickers installed by default, you can download some quite original packs or even the famous memes completely free.

Many of the stickers you can get and save from those that your friends have sent you, if you don’t know how to learn how to save and remove stickers from chats.

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How to download free sticker packs for WhatsApp on iOS and Android

If you want to download free sticker packs for WhatsApp on iOS and Android, we recommend that you do so from the official Apple Store and Play Store respectively.

For any of them you just have to download it, install it and grant you the necessary permissions so that it can work properly. You can find packs of Stickers of celebrities, emoticons, famous characters and celebrities, memes or even create your own stickers with photographs that you have in the gallery of your phone.

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What are the best packs of Stickers for WhatsApp for iOS and Android

Celebrities Stickers

It is a free app that contains a large number of famous images and celebrities, singers, actors, etc.

StickersTube – Stickers de Youtubers

It has more than 1600 Stickers of famous youtubers. You can even search for them specifically by name or action. With this app you can create your own Stickers.


With it you can get more than 200 stickers of film, series and television characters. With it you not only have funny memes, but you can also add sound to notifications or alarms.

Marvel Super Heroes Stickers

If you are a lover of Marvel superheroes you must have this app installed on your mobile. It has all the characters of this company and you can share them in conversations with your friends on different social networks

Anime and manga characters

If yours is Japanese culture, manga and anime you can install this pack of stickers for WhatsApp. It takes up very little storage space and is the most complete of all.

Caricatures and cartoons stickers

For all of us who have an inner child, this is an application that you can download to have the most complete pack of stickers on your mobile. It has all the famous cartoon characters.

IOS Emojis Stickers for Android

IOS devices have a large number of unique emojis. With this app you can get all of them on your Android or even see the ones that are sent to you from an iPhone.

Telegram sticker packs

With this app you can have access to all Telegram’s own stickers and use them on WhatsApp and other social networks. We must thank this company for letting us enjoy your exclusive stickers for free.

Meep WAStickers

This pack of stickers has all the Typical Facebook emojis. now you can use them in your WhatsApp conversations.

Libuto Pack Stickers

This app is available for iOS. You can use them on WhatsApp and share it with your contacts or use them in different social networks from the option Share via or Copy to clipboard.

Top Stickers Stickers And Memes

It has more than 200 memes. It is a free application. You just have to select the package you want to download and add it to your conversations. They are all organized by categories, which will make the search much faster when using them.

We hope you are ready with the best free sticker packs for WhatsApp for iOS and Android you liked it. If you know of any other app, you can share it with us by leaving a comment.

Sometimes when we want to use the stickers it is difficult for us to get them among so many that we have, but do not worry that you can order all the stickers that have been sent to you in folders so that it is easier for you to locate them.

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