How to Download the Best Games and Apps for Nintendo Switch – Free or Cheap

Nowadays, thanks to great technological advances, the games industry has been able to develop a large number of games and new consoles capable of running these games with a greater number of games have also been created. graphics memory capacity and more optimal performance.

Such is the case of the Nintendo Switch console, it is a video game console developed by Nintendo company, which since its first appearance has caused a great impression and feeling of intrigue in its regular consumers.

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Why was the Nintendo Switch so successful?

Since its launch the Nintendo Switch was a resounding success around the world selling more than 2.74 million units of the console in the first month after its launch on the market, thus becoming the desktop console that fastest been sold in history, being a console with a very striking and simple aesthetic.

It also has a series of functions innovative and very effective, Since it is a hybrid console, that is, you can modify it to be a stationary console capable of connecting to your television screen or a portable console which you can use anywhere, not only that but it gives you the opportunity to play in a way cooperative since it has two waterproof controls and a screen.

Not satisfied with that, the aesthetics of the Nintendo Switch is not everything, since the reason why it is one of the most sought-after consoles is not simply because of its good appearance but because of the great deliveries that are part of this console.

Games like Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, The legend of Zelda, Pokémon Sword and Shield, Super Mario Odyssey, Fortnite, among other games capable of entertaining you so that you can spend a otherworldly experience.

Here we will show you how to download free or cheap games and applications that you can use and play on your Nintendo Switch.

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Download Games and Applications for Nintendo Switch – Free or Cheap

In order to download a game on your Nintendo Switch console, it is necessary that you have updated it to its latest version, so that you can access the official games and applications store integrated into the console known as Nintendo eShop.

Once inside this application, click on the Search button in the upper left corner, then click on the option that says “Price limit “, to show you the different prices that you can select, also including free games.

When you press the price limit games option, you will appear on a page where all the games with minimum prices are found, where you must look for the category of “free download “ To find the free games and applications available in the store, when you get this category, press the Show more button to access the complete list.

When it appears on the screen with the list of free games of the Switch, simply choose the game of your choice and click on it so that you can enter the description and information of the game, when you are in this section you will see all the information about the game. game and several screenshots of it.

If you want to download it, simply press the button that says free download to start the download process, once downloaded and installed you can find it in the game library on your Nintendo Switch ready for you to play it.

Here is a list of the best free games and applications for you to download on your Nintendo Switch:

This game is a multiplayer third-person team shooter type and has a great resemblance to the game Overwatch and has more than 10 million players.

Warframe originally had its beginnings for PC is an excellent third-person shooter game set in a futuristic world of cyborgs and enhanced humans that now could reach Nintendo Switch

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You have probably heard of this entertaining game, since since its launch it was one of the third person shooter games with Most Popular Battle Royale that you can now enjoy on your Switch console

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