How to Download the ElTenedor Restaurant App on Android for Reservations in Spain

There is no doubt that today mobile applications have solved our lives on more than one occasion. Make everything easier and more practical, now from the comfort of our home we can do many things that previously would have been impossible to do without forcing ourselves to leave home.

It is gratifying to see how today we can make purchases, reserve tickets, browse catalogs, sell products, and even order food. This type of Apps help us to obtain even opinions of those who have already used it.

If you like to taste the best meals in the best restaurants, we are sure that you will like the app that we will recommend. We know that experiencing new dishes again and again is a great experience, and it is always good. have advice and recommendations about.

The TheFork app It is really an excellent alternative, if you have not used it yet, we recommend it with complete confidence. We are sure that this App will not be missing from now on on your Android phone, as it is really practical. It will solve many of your doubts when choosing a restaurant in your area.

mobile with the elfork application on your screen showing the variety of allied restaurants

If you are not yet familiar with it, here we will tell you what you need to know so that you can benefit from this app. What you get for your mobile in all stores, where it is cataloged in several such as best app to order food.

How to download the ElTenedor App?

Another good news for you is that this application is available for Android, therefore you will always have it with you. You just have to go from your cell phone to your Google Play store, put the name Fork. You will be able to see the distinctive logo of this application which uses the colors white and a picturesque green fork. Download and install the app automatically and start enjoying the great benefits it offers you. We are sure that you are going to love it.

There is something else that is interesting about this amazing tool. Every time you use TheFork to book at any of these restaurants affiliated with the App, you can go accumulating Yums Points.

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With Yums Points you can accumulate discounts for your next visit to the restaurant in the program that you can choose. You should know that with each reservation you will accumulate nothing more and nothing less than 100 Yums. With an accumulation of 1,000 Yums you can get a discount of € 10 and if you accumulate up to 2,000 Yums you will pay even € 25 less.

So this App not only helps you find the best restaurants and make your reservations in them. You can find discounts of up to 50% That is why if you have not used it yet, you should not waste any more time and live this incredible experience. No matter where you are from, you can order food at home from Malaga, Tenerife or anywhere in Spain.

What are the benefits of using the TheFork app?

There are really many benefits, she will tell you the best restaurants in your area and you can make reservations from home. You can even make a selection of the restaurant you want to visit and check the menu that is available at that time. It doesn’t matter where you are in Spain, whether in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​this app will show you the best restaurants so you can taste and be satisfied.

Something really nice about this app is that if you want you can select the restaurants with the category you like the most. If you want to try some exquisite Japanese, Korean or Thai food from time to time, you can locate these types of restaurants according to the category you select.

This App is intuitive, nothing complicated to use, so we are completely sure that you will not have problems using it. It is rarely a complete app, you can not only locate restaurants according to gastronomy that you choose, but you can also do it according to the dish that you want at that time.

elfork app to order food mobile phone with the app open

You can also do a restaurant search according to the dish you want to eat at that time, it is easy and fast. Do not worry if you crave a delicious smoked cutlet, a paella or another and you do not know which restaurant has that dish available.

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Select the dish you want or enter a keyword in the search engine. The app will show you the restaurants that have available in your locality. And enjoy your favorite dish!

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