How to download the latest beta version of WhatsApp?

Today we are going to see how to download the latest beta version of WhatsApp in a simple way. Taking advantage of all the new functions that it can offer us.

There are many applications similar to WhatsApp, but we cannot deny that we have a certain preference for this app that has made our lives so much easier in many ways.

The app started out as something simple, but little by little it evolved into what it is today. A complete application with the possibility of sending multimedia files, text messages, audios, calls and video calls.

In each update we are surprised with new functions. ButDid you know that beta testers can enjoy them a long time before? WhatsApp beta versions are trial versions. Many of the functions that end in the application are tested in the beta version.

Anyone can register to participate in this version. Do you want to know how to do it? We show you a little below how to download the latest beta WhatsApp on Android and also on iOS.

access whatsapp beta

Access the WhatsApp beta from Android

The first thing you must do to be able to download the beta version of WhatsApp is to sign up for it. How do we do this? Basically becoming beta testers of the application. You can do this from the Play Store itself.

When you are inside what you will have to do is press the button that says «Become a tester”. Once you do this, you will be part of the WhatsApp beta tester community. Now all you have to do is search for WhatsApp in the Google store and you will see that it appears between parentheses (Beta) which means you have the beta version to download.

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You will have to update your application if you already have it installed. So you must proceed to press the button «To update”And the latest beta version of WhatsApp will install like any other application.

Something you should keep in mind is that possibly do not have bacchantes for the trial version of the application. The only option left in this case is to wait for someone to cancel your beta version so you can leave a spot.

download beta whatsapp

Download the WhatsApp beta from iPhone

In case you want to do it from an iPhone you will need the application TestFlight which is in the App Store. It allows you to view all the applications that are in beta and can be entered.

Once downloaded and installed, open the app and click on the «Continue» button below to begin the process. The same app will explain everything that can be done with it. To finish, click on accept just below on the right.

Then go to the invitation link of the WhatsApp beta and once you are inside you will simply have to click on «Start testing«.

The only negative in this case is that Apple has a limit for people who want to enter the betas. The limit is 10,000 users, which means that you should be lucky when you want to enter it.

In case you can’t do it, you will have to have a little patience and wait for someone to get off the beta so you can take advantage of their place. This means that you will have to check daily if you can enter.

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If you can enter what you should do is press on «Install”And wait for it to install like any application. Once downloaded you will see that the app has a yellow circle next to it to indicate that you have the beta version of the application.

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