How to Download the LIFE360 App to Find My Family Member and Track My Cell Phone Free

To take care of our relatives, the Life360 App It is a very useful and beneficial tool, at your fingertips. It is a kind of monitoring program of the people close to our nucleus, to quickly know where they are.

It has no hassle of installation and use, and it is functional for parents and legal guardians of young children and adolescents. Although many think that users’ privacy is at risk, for others it represents family safety.

Now we will talk about it. Life360 App and the benefits that it has. It is a very novel and useful application.

How to download the Life 360 ​​App and what is it for?

This application is available in the Google Play Store and in the App Store, the application stores for Smartphones. In its official platform are all the characteristics and details of its operation and what elements it uses to be able to work.

Its download and installation is not difficult, we just have to enter the app store of our particular operating system. We look for the application and we only select the Install option, to add it to our apps menu on the phone.

The Life360 App Its purpose is to monitor the location of the relatives that we have in our circles registered in it. They can be family, friends or any group of people with whom we always want to share the place where we are located.

Unlike other applications that are based on espionage, this app has a confirmation system of circles. All the people in the group have to confirm the use of the app and to be within a circle.

family safety

For all of this to work, we must register in the application, who will ask us for the phone number and location. We must give all these contact information so that it can locate us on the map with all our relatives.

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The circles are not public, as the Life360 App generates a security code that makes it totally private. It has a duration limit, and its access is only for the people we want to geographically monitor with the application.

As we mentioned before, it is an extremely useful app for parents and those responsible for families with minors. They can know where the little ones are only viewing the map respective within the app.

It only works when all the members of the circle have the location activated with the navigation data for their monitoring.

Other very important functions located within the Life360 App

In addition to people being able to monitor themselves, they can share your location between them, to report where they are. This is mainly used for times when one of them is going to meet someone new or visit an unknown place.

People can record locations on the map most frequent of all the relatives that make up the created circle. This app can notify when any of them have gone to one of those marked places, for example, the school.

There is the function of getting transfer routes towards the location of another person who composes and belongs to the circle. Just select that person and the app will issue the option to formulate the route to get there quickly.

share the location with family

Finally, it is possible that let’s monitor the way of handling of the members of the circle, to monitor their entire journey. With this, good driving habits can be generated, with the certainty that everything is going well and with peace of mind.

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With the daily threats in our life, having this application helps us to be more calm and attentive to everything.

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