How to Download the Sighthound Video App and see the Security Cameras of my house on my Mobile

Home is our place of peace, it is a private stronghold where we develop intimately. We invest a great deal of time, effort and money in it to adapt it to our needs, tastes and even whims. But what if all of this is in danger?

We must admit that there will always be the dire possibility that our haven of peace will be attacked or its integrity compromised. Therefore, investment in security is not a luxury, it is an undeniable necessity that we must do. Not only for the structural, aesthetic or material integrity of the home, but also for our family and ourselves.

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the Sighthound Video App. In addition, we will show you the procedure to install it on your device.

Should I be concerned about my home security cameras?

The answer in advance is a resounding and overwhelming yes, security will never be a game, much less a superficial expense. Many people assume that a digital surveillance system it represents an excess, but in reality the true excess lies in the passive tranquility for the well-being of all those who live under our roof.

Of course, not everyone can greatly access professional cameras. But there are peculiar and intelligent ways to monitor our home. Many use their cell phones as home security cameras. And connecting the surveillance system to the Sighthound App which becomes a great ally in the safeguard of what matters most to us, our well-being.

cctv security camera

On the other hand, it is also possible to use the Webcam of our computer as a security camera, such as a friend in the surveillance and protection of the home, business or any space that represents for us a significant preponderance in our lives.

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Sighthound Video app an impeccable friend

It is highly understood that no matter how much we love our home, business, company or the like, we cannot be in physical surveillance all the time in these spaces. That is why technology will undoubtedly be a infallible tool in the well-being of all. We can see and access a security camera through the internet without any problem.

Remote access to the digital surveillance system becomes a modern relief. We can use our mobile as a means of supervision through the Sighthound Video App that gives us a third eye, a digital eye. However, we must remember that it is necessary to have a cellular device with an acceptable RAM. You can increase the RAM of your mobile in a simple way and have efficient access to the App.

It will allow free will supervision, that is, you will be able to see what happens on your property from the place where you are and at the moment that you consider most ideal. Many times we are moved in our minds by the anxiety that something negative may be happening and not knowing if it is true eats us up.

man sitting using his computer and phone

None of that can be feasible to sustain. In the middle of the century of exponential and unstoppable advancement of technology. The possibility of alleviating our human sorrows and anguish, becomes tangible through the virtual and the physical. The Sighthound Video app is the virtual mechanism that using the mobile as a physical element, links the dimensions of technology and makes our daily life, a tidal wave of efficiency and peace.

Download the Sighthound Video App and see my home security cameras on my mobile

For this, it only deserves two things, in the first instance, it will be a mid-range, medium-high or high-end mobile. Where can it be installed the application and has enough internal space to carry out their functions in full normality. The above is always understood, but it is worth clarifying and evoking it.

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To download we must access our account in the Play Store and navigate, for this and to make it simpler we only write the name of the application. When viewing it, we proceed like any other, to install normally. Once the process has started and finished, will be installed and ready to use. Having accepted the conditions and permissions, access and security prices.

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