How to Download the SinDelantal Order Manager? – Manage your Orders (Example)

If you are one of those who know about applications, then you must have already used SinDelantal, since this is one of the best home App that exists (it works as the Rappi application works to place orders, which is also one of the best). However, you most likely do not know that SinDelantal has an extension that makes it much better. With that in mind today you will see How to download the SinDelantal order manager?

And it is that, improving this application is essential if you want to work as it should, because with it you can organize your work so that your orders do not accumulate, and so you can fulfill everything you have to do in the day (which will translate into income for you).

How to download the SinDelantal order manager?

Before you learn how to download the SinDelantal order manager, you have to know that it is the same and what it is for. Basically it is like a separate application, which works hand in hand with the official SinDelantal App, and what it does is allow you to close your restaurant for a while in the application (it also has other benefits).

Thanks to it, you can better organize orders and get them out in due time so that they don’t accumulate and make you look bad. So you can meet your customers and your restaurant will gain more reputation inside and outside the App.

Now, in order to download said application, all you have to do is go to the PlayStore and download it like any other (it’s free)Once you have it, you will only have to configure your username and that’s it (obviously to achieve this, you have to affiliate, enter or register your business in Rappi previously).

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This App is also available for PC. To use it you have to go to its official page and there enter your username and password so that you are allowed to enter. Its operation is the same as in the mobile version, with the difference that the interface is not organized in the same way (obviously).

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Regardless of which of the two options you use, it is recommended that you do not stop trying it, because it is better that you can manage all the orders on time and not that they will accumulate, since the consequences of looking bad to a client can be catastrophic .

Internal functioning of the APP

Now that you know how to download the SinDelantal order manager, it’s time for you to learn how to use it. First of all (for the mobile version), You have to open the App and go to the section called “Open”, with this you can choose the session you have open in SinDelantal.

Once you have done it, click “Close now”, with that you will be taken to a new page where you can place two options, one called “Close by” and another “Reason report”. Within the first one you can choose the amount of time that the premises will be closed (the minimum is 15 minutes and the maximum 3 hours).

In the second option you have to specify the reason for the sudden closure, these would be: “Many orders”, “Lack of delivery man”, “Kitchen problems”, and “Others”. You can choose these options whenever you want (but try to organize yourself and not close your establishment for too long).

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If you use the PC version of the App then the steps to close the premises will be the same, with the difference that the option to “Close now” will be found in the upper right corner (the options are exactly the same).

And voila, if you have understood all that, then you can already say that you know how to download the SinDelantal order manager, and you can also use it perfectly to help you while you work hand in hand with this great app.

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Remember that this App is one of the best there is, but it is not perfect at all, so Before joining their workforce, first find out What percentage does Rappi charge restaurants for deliveries? So that you get an idea of ​​who you will work with. And if for some reason you stop liking Rappi, look for what are the best applications to order food at home?

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