How to Download, Update and Install Adobe Acrobat Reader to the Latest Version? – Free and Fast (Example)

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a tool that allows us to view, print and modify files in PDF format in a complete way and above all it allows us create, convert, protect and export PDF files.

This tool allows us to access an interaction with all kinds of documents in PDF format from texts, multimedia files, forms and more, offering a comfortable and intuitive interface to handle the main functions and have tabs that facilitate the viewing of certain documents.

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Also printing options that are aimed at saving supplies. It is currently available for Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Linux.

Advantages and disadvantages of the PDF format

  • The Pdf format It can be device independent, that is, it can be printed on an inexpensive inkjet printer or on a high-cost setter, but it does not mean that the output is optimized for each device.
  • This format allows you to create a file with security options, which is why it is considered a secure format. Adding a key to prevent changes, impressions and disclosure of important data.
  • Inside of the PDF format can be placed multimedia elements (sounds and videos, links to email addresses, link elements and bookmarks and thumbnails of different pages).
  • The PDF format is owned by a company, Adobe is the one who decides the specifications and who makes them public.
  • PDF files are intended for document viewing, but do not retain the logical structure of the document.
  • The PDF file It was not created to be edited, since inside we can make small changes to the text, but it is virtually impossible to add large text content.
  • PDF files are convenient as they take up very little space on your computer and support a wide variety of image compression algorithms.

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How to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader

  1. We must open our favorite browser and inside the navigation bar we will write «» and we press «Enter».
  2. Upon entering we will find the version available for free and a version of Acrobat Pro DC Trial.
  3. We must click on download Acrobat Reader In its free version that will be Step 1 of the installation.
  4. In step 2 we will download the Adobe Acrobat Reader installer to be able to access its installation on our computer.
  5. Once the installer download is finished, we must click on it to start.
  6. We will automatically install Adobe Acrobat Reader on our computer and by clicking on «Finish» or «Finish”We will be able to access it immediately with a direct access on our desktop.

How to update Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe recommends that its users update versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader To take advantage of the program’s advantages and improvements in security and stability, these updates are free and you get the program in a free version. However, some updates may ask you installation or activation key for your security.

Automatic update

  • Enter the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, select the menu “Help«And then click» Check for updates. «
  • You must follow the steps described in said window, «Updater» where they will be able to download and install the pending updates of said program.

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Update from the web

  • You must open Adobe Acrobat Reader, select the menu «Help» and then click on the option «About Adobe Reader».
  • You must enter the downloads page and there the web page will automatically detect the operating system from which you are trying to update and the version of Adobe Acrobat Reader that you currently have.
  • If the website indicates that there is a version available to update, you must click on «Install Now».
  • You will download an executable file that when you finish your download and click on it, we will enter with instructions to install the new version.

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