How to Download, Update and Install CCleaner to the Latest Free Version in Spanish? – Very Easy (Example)

CCleaner is a complete tool that allows us to analyze a system in search of accumulated garbage and registry errors quickly and efficiently. Within its analysis system we can find all kinds of unnecessary data: obsolete registry keys, cookies or file traces, temporary files and poorly completed installations, among others.

How to Download, Update and Install CCleaner to the Latest Free Version in Spanish? – Very easy

This cleaner is capable of automatically clean the PC and analyze deep areas in the system to detect unnecessary elements and the possibility of adding additional programs such as Adobe tools and even Office packages.

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CCleaner It has become essential for our operating system both on the computer and on portable devices to achieve optimal operation and improve the interface of certain programs or applications.

ccleaner program

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How to download CCleaner?

  1. To begin we must enter our favorite browser and enter the navigation bar “”.
  2. Upon entering we will see that it allows us to download the version for the home and for companies, if you are private with the version for the home you should obtain good results.
  3. We will enter the option “PC software” in the case of a computer and in “Mobile applications” in the almost of a Smartphone or Tablet. We must bear in mind that CCleaner has created a differential version for MAC devices.
  4. On the next page we will see two buttons, there we must click on “Download the free version”, although we can also access a version of “Cleaner Pro” where we will pay a membership to access VIP tools.
  5. By clicking and downloading the free version we can proceed to the installation of CCleaner.

How to install CCleaner?

  1. Once the CCleaner installer is downloaded, we must execute it by double clicking.
  2. Inside we will see an installation wizard window where we must click on “Next” and then in the license agreement, click on “I accept”.
  3. CCleaner will install the program in the folder “C: / Program Files / CCleaner” and you will click next.
  4. Here you will see installation options, you must uncheck those unnecessary such as: “Add option to the trash context menu “, “Add option to the trash context menu “, “Add CCleaner Yahoo! Toolbar”.
  5. We must click on “Install” and to finish we must click on “Finish” and CCleaner will run automatically.

How to update CCleaner?

Windows and Mac operating systems.

  1. It is common for computer programs to have a notice prepared that detects updates available on the network and in the event that these updates do not remain active we can activate them manually.
  2. You must open the CCleaner program and there you will look in the lower right corner of the program for a text that will say “Check for updates” or “Update available”.
  3. You must click on it and there a browser window will open where you will find the free download and you must go down until you find the download places where you will choose any of them and when you download the installer it will provide us with the available update, we just have to open it and let it install the new version.

running ccleaner

Update for Android (Play Store).

  1. To start you must open the Google Play Store application and download CCleaner on your mobile device.
  2. Once inside you must go to the search bar at the top and when you click on it you will write “CCleaner”And there you will receive results where you must choose the option that you already have installed.
  3. When you enter the application file you will see the button with the word “upgrade“In the event that your version is older and there is a pending update, by clicking on this button your mobile device will start downloading the files necessary to install them and thus update CCleaner.

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