How to Download, Update and Install Java to the Latest Free Version? – Fast and easy

The Java programming language is a multiplatform developed by James Gosling in the years 1991; who would later be in charge of patenting it and selling it to the Mycrosistems corporation, responsible for bringing it to the digital market in 1995.

In its beginnings it was called JDKLater, its name was modified, and it became known as Java, this happened in 1996. This platform is essential for different programs and software are carried out on the computer.

Over time, programs with services similar to those offered by Java have been created. However, this platform is much more secure, reliable and functional, since tools have been included to allow the server to access all possible actions.

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Today, this programming language It is still one of the most used by programmers in order to develop different programs, which will then be executed both on computers and other devices or equipment, being even essential for games like Minecraft.

How to download, update and install Java to the latest version for free?

At the beginning, Java was developed with a structure that, although it will be functional, could also be considered basic at the time. That is why its developers have taken on the task of constantly implementing new technologies and including new versions annually.

The constant download and update of the Java service is essential to ensure proper operation equipment, and its compatibility with various applications. But in Mozilla browser you can enable and disable Java when you need it.

How to download and install Java?

It is important to mention that in order for the download and install be effective must be executed in a windows server, be it Vista, Server, XP, 7, 8 and 1.

The first step is to deactivate the service «firewall» equipment (if active). This service prevents automatic or manual download of online programs.

Now enter the browser tab and access the official Java download page. You can find it through this link. It should be noted that this site is responsible for directing you to the website of the manual download services.

Once inside the page, you must click on the button «Download» located at the bottom of the screen. Then you have to agree to the terms and start the download. To do this, click on the red button, located at the bottom of the page.

download java arrow white background

You will then be asked to save or run the downloaded program. If you want to save to install later you can click on the option «Keep». Now Select the local folder where you want to save the file.

How to install the Java programming language?

If you need to run the program immediately, you can wait for the download process to finish and once downloaded, double-click on the setup file and select the option «Run».

To complete the installation I accepted the terms and conditions of the service. In some cases, dialog boxes may appear asking whether or not you want to allow the installation of some products available in collaboration with Java for a better personal experience.

Make the selection according to your liking and click on the dialog boxes to finish the process. When finished click «To close» to finish the installation.

How to install the latest version of Java?

java configuration program white background

The official Java page is responsible for making a constantly updated to offer the latest available version of the program. So when entering the download icon it will offer the automatic installation of the current version.

As of update Java 8 Update 20 (8u20), there is an automatic uninstall tool available in Java to remove older versions called «installer». So it is not necessary to have to enter and delete them. All you need to do is install the new version and it takes care of the rest.

You can activate automatic download of the latest available versions. Accessing the Java control panel, then click on the option «To update» to access the values. Finally continue with the check box and click on the option «Check for updates automatically».

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