How to Download WhatsApp Java for Old and Old Cell Phones (Nokia, Samsung or LG)

Technology is extremely changeable. Every year, smartphone manufacturers release an incredible number of new models. Therefore, less-new phones are gradually falling into the past, to the point where download and install apps like WhatsApp on old and old cell phones it can become almost impossible.

As the months and years go by some phones start to be incompatible with certain functions. Above all, incompatible with some applications. So it is convenient to know what you can do to enjoy WhatsApp services on your old phones.

What is Whatsapp?

Before downloading WhatsApp Java for old and old cell phones, it is convenient to talk a little about this application. This platform is, without a doubt, the most popular and used in the world.

WhatsApp was launched in February 2009 by Jan Koum, a Ukrainian programmer residing in the United States. Koum had a lot of experience, since he had worked with companies such as Adobe and Apple. In addition to having appeared as director of the operations team of Yahoo!.

WhatsApp messaging application

The origins of the application

The main idea of ​​WhatsApp is that it will work as a smart agenda. Through it, users shared with their contacts what they were doing at the time. In this way, they indicated their availability to establish a chat. This talk, it should be noted, was carried out by other means (such as SMS).

The application was available for Blackberry and iPhone devices. Later, by 2010, it began to be available on Android devices. WhatsApp, since its inception was available for free.

However, in 2013 everything seemed to change. The communication platform announced that, for its use, users had to pay. Quickly, the popularity of the app started to decline.

In February 2014, Mark Zuckerberg announced the purchase of WhatsApp for a total of 19 billion dollars. Zuackerberg and Koum have joined forces, ensuring that WhatsApp would be the link between billions of people.

Chat from wherever you want!

As noted above, this amazing app is available for all major mobile operating systems (Android and iOS). However, it is also true for other systems such as BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, kaiOS, and + Symbian.

But to give greater versatility to the application, the developers made available to users a WhatsApp Web version. So, the use of WhatsApp on computers began to be possible.

At first, WhatsApp Web could only be accessed from Google Chrome, but progressively, the function was expanded to other browsers. At present, it is even possible to install WhatsApp on Windows and MAC.

How to download WhatsApp Java for old and old cell phones?

Periodically, WhatsApp announces for which mobile devices the platform will no longer be available. This represents a major problem for those who have old telephones.

But this doesn’t have to be an absolute headache! There are many people in the same position and eager to help.

whatsapp java old phones

Meet WhatsApp Java

The Java version, too known as light version it is highly requested by users who have old phones. And, regardless of whether your device is Nokia, Samsung or LG, WhatsApp Java is compatible with all phones.

How can you download WhatsApp Java for old and old cell phones? The official page of the application only allows you to download this version for Nokia S40 devices.

However, some pages have made this version available to users with any other type of device. You can download WhatsApp Java directly to your device or on your computer to later transfer it. Once the download is complete, follow the following instructions:

  1. Run the file WhatsApp Java installer.
  2. Configure the application by entering your phone number and the corresponding codes.
  3. Adjust your WhatsApp profile.
  4. Ready!

It’s time to enjoy WhatsApp Java!

This version is definitely spectacular. It is compatible with absolutely all mobile devices. Even those with a recent operating system version! Keep taking advantage of your old devices and communicate with all your contacts thanks to WhatsApp Java.

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