How to Download Wikipedia to my PC for Free, without the Need for an Internet Connection

One of the largest and most visited platforms in the history of the internet, in addition to being the most famous for students When it comes to researching a specific topic, Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia with more information on the internet.

What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has become a digital information tool for everyone, this virtual encyclopedia is managed by a nonprofit organization called the Wikimedia Foundation, created by the Americans Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger In 2001, the name wiki comes from fast in Hawaiian, and encyclopedia, from encyclopedia in English (a set of knowledge arranged alphabetically in a structured writing).


This platform has facilitated the investigation of people with doubts about specific topics, leaving behind those times in which to obtain an answer you had to search through a large number of volumes that contained an encyclopedia, despite the fact that there were other web media to facilitate this end.

As encarta, created by Microsoft company In order to obtain knowledge in the simplest way, after this in 2001 Wikipedia was created which would remain until today.

Thanks to this web service we can search for any information we want quickly and easily, although not everything is pink, and Wikipedia being a website logically to make use of it is you will need to have an internet connection, a resource that not everyone will be able to have, or that in circumstances does not have the necessary speed.

But it’s not the end of the world, there are ways use Wikipedia without being connected to the internet all the time. In this article I will show you how to use Wikipedia without internet.

How to download Wikipedia on my PC for free, without the need for an Internet connection

To be able to use Wikipedia no need to have an internet connection, there is the alternative of downloading it, although this cannot be done directly, but with the help of external applications such as the following.


It is a free-to-use tool that allows download content from servers for free, in addition to having a batch file that starts it, to download files compressed by parts.

downloading files to laptop

That is, thanks to this program we will be able to download Wikipedia sections by snippets, It also gives us the option to stop the action of downloading the elements, to be able to resume them whenever we want, it should be noted that the downloaded files must be read through XOWA or Kiwix.


Kiwix is ​​an offline reader type program that offers the possibility of accessing Wikipedia without having to be connected to the internet, kiwix is ​​enabled to be able to download completely, all the files that are from Wikipedia in different languages, on your computer to be able to open them without internet.

For this it is only a matter of selecting the material you want and downloading it through the program, the only defect is that you will need to have a good storage capacity depending on the number of files you need to download from Wikipedia.


It is an application that can get for free, either by visiting its website or downloading it, which works as a multiplatform tool that allows you to download all the information you need from Wikipedia to be able to consult it at any time without the need for an internet connection.

Xowa is an application very similar to a web browser, which allows you to download Wikipedia content in any language you want, although it is recommended that you download the content only in a specific language.

Since only the Spanish language occupies 30 GB of disk storage, if you choose to download the English version, it will occupy a 150 GB total spaceas they include a large amount of text that are accompanied by images.

And well those are the platforms for download content from Wikipedia recommended, so you can search and investigate without having to be connected to the internet. I hope the content of this article has served you.

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