How to Download Zoom for Windows or Mac Computer or PC (Example)

The Zoom app has boomed during these times of coronavirus. Allowing a significant number of users to download various video calling applications to connect with friends. Since it was founded, it has been working to offer a quality experience in communications. If you want to enjoy this App, you can know in this post, how download Zoom for computer Windows or Mac.

How to download Zoom from the official website of the App?

The Zoom platform is designed in such a way that when you join a meeting or start one from the browser; the automatic download of the application is performed. So you only owe go to the Zoom website and choose the option “Join a meeting” or “Host a meeting”. When you do this, the desktop application will automatically download to your computer.

You can also download Zoom for your Windows or Mac computer manually, entering this link Which directs you directly to the official Zoom website. There, a series of download options are presented that are adapted to each need. For example, it includes the extension to use Zoom in the browser.

But it also includes a plug-in for use with Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes, Intel Unite; as well as creating a Zoom account on mobile phones. You just have to choose the option that suits your needs and allows you to take advantage of this App.

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To perform the automatic download from the Zoom website on your Windows or Mac computer; you must choose the option “log in”. For it, you can use your Facebook account, Google, a Zoom account or through single sign-on (SSO) of a company.

If you choose the Zoom account option, you can register online free, easy and fast from the official website. You just have to choose the option “register for free” and enter your email. You immediately receive a message with a link to confirm the email and be able to start the App.

It is very simple, fast and easy, in fact, it is one of the reasons why Zoom is one of the most used applications. It allows you start meetings quickly and keep in touch at all times. This option allows Windows and Mac users to download Zoom for free in just a few steps.

Discover everything you can do with Zoom on your Windows PC or Mac

Once you have downloaded Zoom, you can launch the application and enjoy all its benefits. To get started, you can either join a meeting that’s in progress or schedule a meeting yourself. On your home screen, you will have the following options:

  • The account type with which you have logged in with (Pro or Basic).
  • You can start a meeting without video, sharing your desktop or application.
  • Start with video to start a video meeting.
  • Schedule a future meeting with the calendar, in order to have greater organizational capacity. It’s like having your virtual meeting schedule.
  • Join a meeting that has already started.

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  • Screen Sharing in a Zoom Room, for which it is necessary that you enter the share key or the meeting ID.
  • You can also edit or update a scheduled meeting, in case there are modifications.
  • You can permanently delete a scheduled meeting.
  • In addition, you can copy the invitation text of your scheduled meetings and use them manually to send it by email, IM, SMS, etc.
  • Another available option is chat privately or in groups.
  • You can always manage the participants of a meeting and exit or end it.
  • Audio can be turned on and off during the meeting to engage; as well as you can stop and start the video.

Zoom, It is a tool that you can take advantage of. Allows you to configure the meeting menu to use the default or custom preferences. For example, test the audio and adjust the speaker and microphone. Create virtual background in Zoom, for example. Try and choose the camcorder to use. You can also record meetings and store them on your device or computer. Later, you can edit the meetings and delete them whenever you want.

You already know how download Zoom for your computer Windows or Mac; enjoy all its benefits and always stay connected.

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