How To Dry A Sealed Phone The Right Way – A Simple Guide

Getting the cell phone wet can be a real headache, even more so understanding that the warranty is lost when this happens. Either way, we’ll show you some ways to fix and dry a sealed cell phone if it gets wet.

Undoubtedly, getting a cell phone wet can be very harmful, but you should also worry about protecting your cell phone in other ways. Given this, choose the best screen protector for your mobile, without further ado let’s continue with this guide to dry your mobile.

The first thing you should do when your mobile gets wet

The first thing you should do when your phone gets wet is turn off the device and remove the battery (if possible). Do not even think about using it while it is wet, as a short circuit could completely damage it, something that can happen even if the cell phone is resistant or submersible to water.

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use rice dry cell wet

Remember, immediately you notice that your device has gotten wet, turn it off. In turn removes all removable parts, such as the SD card or card sim. After this, you have to proceed with the different ways to dry it, but first, it is best to start with the most basic.

Dry it with a towel

Immediately after turning off the device proceed to dry it as well as you can with a towel. Repeat the process for a few minutes, believe it or not this will help a lot to remove liquid from mobile. Beyond this method, it is advisable to use other tricks if the mobile is still wet.

Rice, a classic to fix your mobile and dry it when it gets wet

Surely the first thing they have recommended to you when a cell phone or any technological product has gotten wet is put it in rice. It certainly can be functional, at least to some extent.

Rice is capable of absorbing external humidity on our mobile device. But remember, you cannot expect extraordinary things from this method, as it will not remove the liquid from the mobile.

The trick is to put the mobile in rice and leave it in this state for at least 24 hoursIn this way, the rice will absorb the liquid that comes out little by little. However, if the device still feels very wet, don’t turn it on, try doing other things first.

On the other hand, there are even more recommended components, such as the Silica gel, which in fact can be very useful to absorb moisture from the cell phone.

Use high grade isopropyl alcohol to dry the cell phone

Isopropyl alcohol can be useful in the event that your device gets wet, especially if your mobile has been around for a long time exposed to water. It may seem a bit contradictory, understanding that alcohol is a liquid, but make no mistake, since it is not just any liquid.

fix dry mobile wet

The purest alcohol, that is, the 99% pure isopropyl alcohol, it can be useful for cleaning electrical connections. What makes this type of alcohol different is that it usually evaporates without a trace, which can help eliminate the water that has remained inside our mobile.

This is clearly recommended if the mobile was completely submerged for long periods in water. In addition, when using isopropyl alcohol, you must great care. After applying the alcohol, you have to leave it for a while (a few minutes will be enough). After this you must wait several hours until the alcohol has completely dried.

It should be noted that isopropyl alcohol will also be useful to disinfect your cell phone from the outside against bacteria without damaging it and other similar functions.

On the other hand, although you can clean the screen of your Android cell phone with ethyl alcohol, to dry it, it is very important that it is alcohol 99% isopropyl of purity, otherwise you could spoil your mobile

Don’t turn it on

It is very important that you bear in mind that turning on the mobile while it is wet can lead to its total loss. Given this, it is important that you do not start the device unless you are sure which is completely dried.

Does my phone lose its warranty after getting wet?

Each mobile has a seal inside, which is shaped like a sticker to change color (mostly red) if the mobile has gotten wet. Therefore, that is the first thing that the employees of the telephone companies will look at when they receive a Smartphone for a warranty claim. As the sticker is active (with the color changed), the deterioration does not matter, as the technical service will not make the repair or cover the warranty.

Why shouldn’t you turn on a wet cell phone?

Turning on a wet cell phone could cause breakdowns in different tools or applications that a Smartphone has. It can cause irreversible damage to the camera such as warping its lens, as well as disturbing or distorting the audio, as well as ruining the battery.

Can you use a dryer or oven to speed up the drying process?

A dryer can be used as long as it is turned on in cold air, since hot air can affect the mobile more. This is why it is not recommended at all to place the Smartphone in an oven or microwave because this will lead to a fatal error.

What are the benefits of rubbing alcohol for drying phones?

Isopropyl alcohol is an ideal component for cleaning electronics, as it is made up of dry thermal pastes to help remove dry or solid dust, as well as any other hard-to-clean residue. This is how isopropyl alcohol is known as the best friend in cleaning for any electrical appliance.

Alternatives to speed up the drying of the phone

There are several ways to speed up the drying of the phone, such as placing the hair dryer in cold air over the mobile when it gets wet, but there are two others that are important to mention.

phone on and wet

Silica gel

It is considered the most viable option and with an effective result in its entirety. Silica gel packets are better than rice in these cases.

The silica gel packs and your phone (battery disconnected) are placed in a large container that covers the parts of the mobile device. Then you have to let it act for approximately 48 to 72 hours, so that it absorbs all the moisture from the phone.

These silica gel packets can be found in boxes or wrappers for new shoes or purses, as well as packets of pasta or other products.

It should be noted that speed is the most important thing to save a wet phone.


One of the most used and recommended alternatives to dry the phone is to immerse it in a container with rice. Despite having endless alternatives to this food, it is the one that is most invited to use, since it is easier to get rice for its common use compared to silica gel.

The phone has to be soaked in rice for 24 to 48 hours so that it absorbs the moisture and can be used again.

How to retrieve information from wet device

First of all, the mobile must be dry to use the most recommended method that consists of using a USB cable, but first the device must not have a drop of water on it.

To connect the USB cable through the computer in order to empty the information, in some of the Smartphone, it is not necessary to have it turned on to link both devices.

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