How to Easily Add and Create a Reminder in Google Calendar? (Example)

Perhaps it has happened to you that you lost attend an activity very important for having forgotten which day was scheduled for it. You would not be the only person to whom this happens, because so many occupations could easily make you forget some things.

And more when what we plan to do is out of the routine, for this you need an option that allows you to remember in time. So if you don’t want to miss out on anything, what could you do to prevent this from happening?

You can thank Google for bringing you the solution to your problems. In this article you will learn a little about Google Calendar and how to use it, either from your computer or smartphone. It is an option that will help you improve your commitment to important activities and that will allow you to never forget them again.

Google Calendar

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Let’s first know a little about this google serviceAs its name in English indicates, it is an electronic calendar. It was developed by Google and launched in April 2006. It is freeware and can be used in any operating system that has the necessary technology.

By having this modality, the data that we include will be stored online, from where we can review them from any of our synchronized devices.

This software allows you to synchronize data with Gmail and so your contacts can be included in your events or vice versa. even attach or connect files to an event. Like any calendar, it allows us to observe the days on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. In addition, it presents the scheduling option to see future events or reminders to be carried out.

By using this electronic calendar you will have the opportunity to use its functions and thus organize yourself in a better way because you can create items for important dates. But if at some point we need to change one date for another, it will be as simple as selecting it and dragging it to the place of the new date.

How to create a reminder in Google Calendar from your computer?

Person with various reminders on the body

Create a reminder in Google Calendar from your computer It is very simple, if you think that it is not like that, keep reading and see for yourself.

Initially, you access the Google Calendar web domain from your account, which at first glance is a calendar like any other.

Then you must make sure that within the option column «My calendars» is selected as an active attribute «Reminders». After verifying this, in the upper left corner you will find the option «+ Create» that you must select and the corresponding window will appear.

Within the window that emerged select «Reminders» located next to «Event», and voila, you can make your reminder. Add a title to your reminder, a date for it, and the time you want it to start. Also, if you want it to be repeated, you can indicate it, some options are presented that you can select or customize it to your preference.

Google Calendar allows us sync up the information of the electronic calendar service with the personal calendar application that we manage.

Create a reminder in Google Calendar from your smartphone

Google Calendar from black smartphone

On the other hand, Google Calendar has its own app so that you have quick access from your phone wherever you are.

Download the app on your app store, This app is available for both Android devices and iOS devices. In the same way that we made the reminders easily from the web version of Google Calendar, we will make these from our phone.

To begin, certify whether or not Google Calendar has the option of «Reminders» which is located in the side window. Then select the «Create» option that will be easily identified by a plus symbol (+) in the lower right corner.

Selecting this option will lead us to a window where you can start creating new goals, reminders and events. Of course, this time we will lean towards the option of create a new reminder it is the option of interest.

Select it and start the creation, you must put a description, a date for the new reminder, as well as the time and if it should be repeated.

In this super easy way you can create your new reminders so you don’t forget anything, just remember to give it “Keep» at the end. We hope that this article will be of great help to you so that you can start creating your reminders in Google Calendar.

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