How to Easily Add or Change Gmail Phone Number (Example)

Within the large email services, we cannot forget the giant Google, which today has become a special and indispensable service, with which various users can communicate simply, quickly and directly.

Being a common and daily access tool For stories of people in the world, it is common that the main thing in them, is to carry out optimal security, which ensures the protection of your service.

In order to offer greater benefits and comfort to its users, the Google company allows its users to create an account in Gmail and to be able to enter a phone number within its platform, which is linked to the application, the device and additionally with the account of the people.

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With which you are offered various extra security and configuration services, which make the entire process of using your account much more secure.

If you have changed your number, it has been stolen, or you simply need to unlink it from the account, stay in this post, so you can learn a little more about this process and how to do it with success.

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Why unlink your number from your Google account?

Service phone number link, it is not only important to preserve your security, but also, with it you can receive different alerts regarding whether some of your Google services, such as Gmail, are opened from some unusual or suspicious location.

Although this sounds like an excellent idea, it is important that we remember that you can only check said activity if we have our cell phone at hand, otherwise, we will be in a big bind.

For this reason, several people consider it much more convenient to be able to unlink and deactivate this action, in order to be able to be calm at all times and without depending on our cell phone.

Adding or removing a phone number from our PC

  1. To start, the first thing you should do is enter your Gmail account, as you would do in the usual way, and after that, enter the section ‘personal information
  2. Within this section we can see a tab called, «Contact information» in which when displayed, we will see the ‘Telephone’ button.
  3. Once there, you can change your phone number, just by pressing the ‘button.Delete number‘.
  4. You will see that a series of instructions will appear such as entering your password again or verifying some steps. Upon completion you will see that everything was done correctly.
  5. You can see that upon completing these steps, Gmail, It will give you some warnings among which it will tell you that this is an exclusive and unique service which will help you protect your integrity, but nevertheless, this is a personal decision.

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Adding or removing a phone number from our Android device

  1. Start by entering the application of the ‘Device configuration‘in which you must go to the option’ Google ‘and after that, press’ Google account’.
  2. There you will see that in the upper section, the ‘personal information’ tab will appear, which you must press in order to access the ‘buttoncontact information‘, in which you should go to’ phone ‘.
  3. It is right in this part in which you can make the change or unlink your mobile phone, for which, you only have to enter the button ‘delete’ which will be identified with a gray trash can.
  4. Pressing the button, you just have to proceed to follow all the steps indicated there and everything will be more than ready on your device.
  5. Although the mobile phone pairing method, it is a method of security, diverse are the users, which have chosen to eliminate it due to the impracticality that usually results.

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