How to Easily Add or Remove Applications to Linux Ubuntu Startup? (Example)

In operating systems such as Windows and those based on Linux, some programs are configured to run when the computer starts. Generating that it lowers its performance and takes longer to start. To prevent this know how add or remove applications on Linux startup Ubuntu.

In each operating system the process of removing or adding the programs at startup is different. That is why many users when they use Linux for the first time do not understand how to perform the above function.

It should be noted that the applications that are installed and are in this start menu consume computer resources to exercise their functions. Although some may be useful and necessary, it is not the case for all.

Why modify applications at Linux Ubuntu startup?

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Although it may not seem like it, the performance of a computer can improve when applications are disabled from the startup of the operating system. Because in this there are not so many processes that are activated simultaneously. Too the computer tends to log in and log out more quickly.

However, it is important to bear in mind that there is a group of applications that need this function to be able to develop their activities optimally, an example of this are the antivirus (such as Comodo antivirus for Linux), since if they are not activated automatically when the operating system starts, the user must do it manually.

Steps to add or remove applications to Linux Ubuntu startup

In the Ubuntu operating system, this process is very simple, unlike Windows, which is more hidden in the control panel.

linux home interface

To add or remove applications at the beginning of Linux Ubuntu you must first go to «Start Menu» and in the search bar place «Startup Applications». When the application appears, it must be opened by clicking on it.

This software application will display a window. In it, a list will appear with the applications that can be unchecked to activate or deactivate their startup with the operating system.

All those who have the checkbox checked They are the applications and programs that will start with Ubuntu, to deactivate this you just have to uncheck with a click on the box.

Steps to add applications to Linux Ubuntu startup

In case you want to activate an application to start with Ubuntu and it is not in the list, you must proceed to append it to it. For this you must select the button «Add”Located on the left side of the application interface.

Then some fields will appear that must be filled in. First at the bar «Name”I know you must put the name of the application you want to add.

In the next field you have to add the address where the program is installed, if you do not know what it is, you can press the «Browse» button on the side, and search for the address in the file manager manually . It should be noted that most programs and applications are installed at the address «/ Usr / bin» or «/ usr / sbin».

purple linux home screen

Finally, in the field that says “CommentIt is advisable to add a description of what the program does. In this way, you can easily know if it should be activated or not when Ubuntu starts.

Method to remove apps from startup

To remove applications from this list the process is simpler. You just have to press the option «Remove» and then select the applications that you want to remove from the list.

It is important to mention that it is not recommended to do this unless you have many applications or it is strictly necessary, since later it may be needed and will have to be added manually. It should also be noted that the application will only be removed from the start to uninstall a program or application completely, the process is different.

And voila now you know everything you need. As a final recommendation, now that you know how to work with applications, you should try to download, install and use iTunes in Ubuntu, or install the Android application emulator, since these apps will help you expand your experience.

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