How to Easily Configure or Modify the Keyboard of my Chromebook? (Example)

Chromebook is one of the best options if you want to buy a device, since it hides impressive functions that can be applied in work and games. That is why it is today’s appointment, so you can learn something new about these machines by solving the question How do I configure or modify the keyboard of my Chromebook?

And, in addition to the cutting-edge technology that this device brings (both in software and hardware), it also lets you edit a thousand and one things within it, such as the keyboard, which at first glance can be seen as something of little importance, but the reality is that it is the backbone of a device.

Set up or modify my Chromebook keyboard

Now, knowing the characteristics and advantages of using a Chromebook is necessary in this configuration process. The first thing you can set is the keyboard language. To achieve this, you must go to the lower corner of the screen and select the time, from there choose the section of “Setting“And then press the”Advanced”.

In the section to be called “Methods and inputs“Choose the option”Manage input methods ”, With that, you will be allowed to enter a new section where you can enable the boxes of the languages ​​you want to use (there can be several but only one will be seen at a time).

You should know that the configuration of your device is not limited to the keyboard, it is possible to customize the appearance of the desktop of your Chromebook completely to your liking.

chrome logo on chromebook

Then, having already chosen the languages, click on “Behind”, And finally click on the one you want to use. And you’re done with that, open the language edited and you can use it and change it whenever you want.

Add words to the dictionary

Another thing you can do to edit your keyboard to your liking, is to add words to the dictionary, so that you do not throw so many errors or correct you when you type. To do that there are two ways. The first is by squeezing the Search + Shift + Volume Up key combination above the word in question.

With that it will be added automatically. But if you want to include several at the same time, you have to go back to the time, and there click on “Settings”, then click on the “Device” button and within it click on “Keyboard”.

Then press the option “Change the language and text input settings”, to continue hit “Spell checker” and then “Custom spelling”, if you did it right you should see a field where you can add the words you want one by one. After doing so, simply click on “Add word”.

Correct words automatically

With the above, you already know how to edit part of your keyboard, so the question How to configure or modify the keyboard of my Chromebook ?, is almost answered, but to complete your learning you still need to see how to activate the auto-correcting device.

chrome icon with laptop

To do this again, select the time and then “Configuration”, when you are already in that section, look for “Device” and choose the “Keyboard”, then press on the button “Change language and text input settings.”

Then press “Input method”, There you will see the keyboards that are enabled and next to them there will be an icon that will allow you to create a new tab, press it. That will let you select “Automatic correction”, which you will be able to graduate in intensity (the best is the intense one, because it is the one that will correct everything).

And voila, with that last thing you read, the question is answered How to configure or modify the keyboard of my Chromebook?, so you have nothing more to do here, go to your device if you are not already and let the configuration begin.

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