How to Easily Convert a Project File to Excel Online Free

Microsoft Project helps you create and manage a budget, that’s why this Microsoft tool It is widely used by company managers to administer or manage the progress of a project, which usually involves a group of people or resources. Through this software you can make presentations that indicate the progress that a project has had, after a certain time.

Excel is another tool of the same microsoft package, much better known to most people. This is used to easily create spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel and make very useful calculations or graphs in business presentations; therefore, on many occasions, it is necessary to have the information that a Project file displays in an Excel file.

Because Project is not one of the most famous Office tools, it is possible that when you want to share the same information with several people, many of them do not have it installed on their computer; for this reason, easier to convert from a file with an MMP extension to an XLS one.

How does a Microsoft Project MMP extension file look like?

The main type of file that Microsoft Project generates, has a .mpp extension and usually stores a list of tasks that are part of a project. In fact, converting a Microsoft Project MPP file to a PDF online is also possible; And this allows the manager or person in charge of said project to define the route that must be followed and the time of each task, so that it can be satisfactorily completed on a certain deadline.

Professional project

The files of .mpp extension contain various elements, such as the tasks, the interdependence between them, the duration of each one of them, the resources assigned to these tasks; The analysis of all these components allows us to make Gantt charts, to be able to easily visualize the development of the current project.

How is Microsoft Excel XLS file extension?

Microsoft Excel usually uses files with the extension .xls or also .xlsx depending on their version, the oldest versions (up to 2007) use the first one, and the most recent ones the second type; this kind of files they usually store calculations, tables, graphics that can be made in a few steps. In fact, you can convert an SHS file to XLS online easily so you can have an XLS file on hand.

The main difference between the two types of Excel extensions mentioned is that .xls save their information in binary format, while .xlsx store it through XML structures; hence the .xls files they are retro-compatible with all kinds of programs MS-DOS-based and .xlsx are additionally compatible with web technologies.

Convert a Project file to Excel online for free and easily

On the Internet we can find several websites that allow us to convert a Microsoft Project file to an Excel file, online, completely free and without complications; We present you a small list of pages for that purpose, the procedure to be done is practically the same for any of them.

zamzar Project file to Excel converter

It all comes down to 4 steps: we enter the web portal from our browser, we upload the Project MPP file, we choose the destination format for the conversion (it is already marked as XLS), and we press the button that will execute the process; after that, the new Excel file will be generated and automatically downloaded to our computer.

For example, when visiting Zamzar, we have defined the process in 3 steps; First you select the files in the “Add files” button. (You can also put a URL in case you don’t have them locally), the second step is obviated because it already has the XLS format marked, and in the final step press the button “Convert now” and the Terms and Conditions box.

Currently, the Internet offers us all kinds of pages and tools for our daily and work activities; conversions of files of type pdf or other types, such as from Project to Excel, we help simplify work and share more easily, the graphs and analysis of our projects, to the other members of our work team.

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