How to Easily Convert Excel Spreadsheet to HTML Online Free

In the business world, different tools are used in order to increase their investments to the point that allows them to position themselves in the market, in turn that can minimize expenses or payments to creditors. Companies need to keep an accurate record of fast and efficient way of all its economic movements in relation to sales, purchases, human resources among others.

But not only in companies is it necessary to keep an exact record, but also in all areas, be it in the sector of education, health, entertainment, etc.

Thus, Excel It is one of the most widely used programs worldwide due to its versatility, its ability to format a document, the ability to enter infinite formulas, perform certain tasks with its own functions, satisfying the need of users of this format.

What is an Excel program?

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Excel was born from Microsoft in the 80s allowing people to use numerical calculations by tables integrated with rows and columns which are known as spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets provide you with the order of the numbers you enter, reproduce graphs (bars, cakes, tables, among others) and enter undefined data easily and simply. At the same time it allows you to have links with the different sheets and cells when making calculations and comparisons that you make with a cell that is in relation, such as adding cells from different Excel sheets.

A cell it is a component attached to a spreadsheet. Usually it is without any element, that is, it can be empty, or it may contain an element or value that you can use. This can have approximately 65,000 characters, that is, you decide how much information you want to place in the cell, of course depending on its format and content.

Sometimes you may need to place on a page HTML web an Excel file, which can allow you to display the data from the book.

A hypertext markup language or HTML is a file or file on the Web, it has a source code that can allow you to edit images, texts, among other things that you need on the web. In addition to showing you the order of the content of the page on the web.

HTML It starts from the year 1991, by Tim Berners-Lee who showed it on the internet for the first time, which named it as HTML Tags. Over the years HTML has released new versions to improve it, such as:

HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2, HTML 4.0, HTML 4.01 and the most recent HTML 5. In turn, HTLM is expected to continue to evolve over the next few years.

Its design allows us to have clean, logical files and they load more quickly, it also allows you to update easily, being accessible without obstacles on any platform and system. It is economical and feasible where you can save time and effort since it is simple and straightforward.

How can you convert an Excel file to HTML online?

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There are many applications that allow you to convert an Excel file, including Conversion Tools, which is very easy to use, AConvert, which allows you to convert Zamzar for free, where you can convert your data into files in different formats. Next I will show you the steps to follow to convert your files:

Step 1

Select files from Excel. Mark the files from your computer, using Dropbox, Google Drive, place a URL or also by dragging it to the page of your choice.

Step 2

Choose HTML or any other format you want when converting your Excel file or document, remember that there are approximately 200 formats that you can choose from. Proceed to download your file, when it is converted; then immediately save it to your computer.

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