How to Easily Keep a Nintendo Switch Screen Clean

Maintaining our electronic equipment is the best way to enjoy it fully and for a long time. If you want to know How to keep your Nintendo Switch screen clean easily, we invite you to stay with us.

Not only will we give you tips to keep the screen of this particular device clean, we will also offer ideas to keep it in good condition. Read on and find out how you can do it.

How to clean the screen of your Nintendo Switch easily

For a Nintendo Switch to work properly, you must take care of all the parts that make it up. This is clearly not a toy for young children, as it consists of many accessories that require careful handling.

The Nintendo Switch touch screen requires special attention, especially when cleaning it. Here we explain how you can clean and maintain the screen of your device. You will be surprised how easy and inexpensive it is:

First of all, get a microfiber cloth or soft cotton; Those that are used to clean lenses, glasses or spectacles, are ideal. Proceed to gently wipe the screen of the Nintendo Switch to remove the dirt.

This should be enough, but if not, dampen the cloth slightly and wipe it again, avoiding any traces or drops of water on the screen.

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The correct way to do the cleaning is starting from the top and moving the cloth slightly, with fluid movement, to the bottom of the screen. It is not appropriate to move the cloth in circles or from side to side. Remember that the screen is tactile and has very delicate sensors.

You must lift it when it is at the bottom of the screen and bring it back to the top of it by repeating the process. In case a stain needs more attention, avoid the temptation to press down on the screen. You should apply short and gentle movements on it until disappear.

It is important that you understand that cleaning the screen of your Nintendo Switch simply requires water, you should never apply cleaning products, since they contain ammonia that impair the functioning of it.

Precautions to keep the screen of your Nintendo Switch in good condition

You see that cleaning the screen of the Nintendo Switch is not complicated at all, you will only require a microfiber cloth and on rare occasions a little water. But cleaning this important part of the device is not the only thing you can do. We tell you about some precautions for you to keep in good condition the screen of your Nintendo Switch:

  • Be careful when docking and undocking the device from its base, otherwise you could cause scratches due to the screen rubbing against the edge of the dock.

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  • Store the console in a dry and suitable place, protected from factors such as humidity and dust.
  • Do not drop or hit the Nintendo switch. You could irreparably damage the LCD screen and other components.
  • Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are sensitive to extreme temperatures. The operation of the touch screen of your Nintendo could be very slow in low temperatures and will deteriorate if you expose it to direct sunlight for long periods of time.
  • If the appliance comes into contact with liquids, clean quickly with a dry, or slightly damp microfiber cloth, and do not put it to charge.
  • Keep the Nintendo Switch console away from sharp objects or pressure, these are declared enemies of touchscreens.

On the Nintendo website, you will find many other tips that will be useful to take care of your precious device. Take a look at some of the suggestions:

  • Make your console connections very carefully in the correct locations.
  • Do not pull on the cable when unplugging the Nintendo Switch, remove it from the socket itself.
  • Recharge your Nintendo Switch battery only with Nintendo-authorized power adapters.
  • Be sure to Connect the power adapter to the proper voltage.
  • Plug the Nintendo into a nearby outlet to avoid pulling on the cable when using it.
  • Avoid touching the game card connectors with your fingers.
  • Remember to be careful when turning the Nintendo Switch on and off.
  • Wear the wrist strap when playing games with a controller undocked from the Nintendo Switch.

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