How to Easily Login or Login to Trello – Trello Login (Example)

Logging into Trello is a simple task thanks to the fact that the same platform makes things very easy for you in this regard. Even if you need to register, the process that you will carry out will be a very practical and safe one.

In this application one of the great potentialities of activity management, logging in is simple. Therefore, in this post, you will be able to appreciate the different ways you have available to make it.

Login to Trello with standard data

This is the easiest way to log into the platform, and the most common or conventionall. To do this, you had to create an account without having used the other three options available at the bottom of the login box.

In this sense, to start with this method, you just have to go to the official Trello page and select the option “Sign in”. This action will show a different site where you can detail the empty fields for your user’s email and password.

So, to log into Trello, you just have to fill in these spaces correctly and select the green button at the bottom. In this way, the page will check your data and immediately It will redirect you to the dashboards of your account.

Login using your Google account

As you read before, there are other ways to log into this platform, and this is achieved from other accounts already created. That said, it is no secret to anyone that Google is linked to almost every service that exists on the internet.

main page login trello

Therefore, in Trello you will have the possibility to log in using only your Gmail account. For this, of course, you have to access your profile from the main browser page, so that the process occurs correctly.

Once you have achieved this, you can now go to the registration section of the platform, from where you can log into Trello with your Gmail. In that place, you will see a button that says “Continue with Google” which, when pressed, will launch a verification pop-up window.

This box will give you the option of choosing between all the browser accounts linked to the browser. If you have done the above, you will only have to select the segment that has your profile photo and wait for the data check.

In this way, the Trello platform will do the same, and will check that everything is in order before redirecting you to the “Dashboard”.

Sign in using Microsoft account

Another possibility you have to enter Trello is through the Microsoft account and its official website, which owns the “Hotmail” or “Outlook” domains. With these, you can access different features such as email or company tools.

As with the previous process, it is necessary to activate your profile from the official company page before heading to Trello. Consequently, the process will be much more automated and you will not have to suffer as much to access the platform and enjoy its many benefits and tools.

microsoft login home page

Now, you just have to repeat the steps of the previous process, but in this case, you must select the button that says “Continue with Microsoft” instead of Google. Thus, the page will open a separate tab, where the linking and verification process will begin which, once completed, will allow you to access your account.

Perform the “Login” through the Apple account

On the other hand, to log into Trello you can also use your Apple account, which also has a link with the platform. This is because the task organizer par excellence is available in the company’s stores.

So, to continue, you just have to choose the “Continue with Apple” button and follow the verification steps to complete the login and start using Trello. The platform that will offer you greater facilities in terms of organization of events and tasks, using or linking the calendar or other awesome tools.

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